Call of Duty Mobile Ios [ Reviews ,Requirements And Download ]

Call of the duty mobile by Activision is one of the most popular first-person shooters on Ios [ Ipad And Iphone ]so today I wanted to see how the game is going in 2020 I said the call of duty mobile one of the best fps games for ios [ Ipad And Iphones] which says a lot about the state of fps games on mobile 2. Activision released their mobile version of Call of Duty Last Year in 2019, and it has absolutely smashed expectations by racking up 100 million downloads in its first week alone And Has Been Breaking Various Recorded on Ios Games in 2020.

Call of Duty Mobile is Full of Thrilling Mode, Gameplays, And Events. Over 200 Million Players. Activision Is Trying To Increase Player Now By Bringing Various Collaboration With Brands And New Events

This means that CoD Mobile had the biggest mobile game launch ever, beating out Mario Kart Tour, which has set the record last week with 90 million downloads. Battle Royale games have taken over the gaming industry in the past couple of years, and that is mostly thanks to PUBG Mobile A Game From Krafton Gmaing Union. 

Call of Duty Mobile Ios Reviews

The PC Converted Game on Mobile is Set To Grow Its Popularity More This Year Informed By The Activision Official.

Call of Duty Mobile Ios Reviews

Call of Duty Mobile Ios was actually the fourth most downloaded iPhone game for 2019. Recently there has been a trend with gaming companies bringing a free-to-play version or mobile adaptation of their pc or console game to the app store we also know Many Pc Games Like Fall Guys And apex legends is bringing a mobile version, for example, I'm not saying this is a bad thing.

 I'm just pointing out the fact code mobile features characters and maps from the original modern warfare and black ops series I especially loved playing in all the classic maps that I used to enjoy playing on my ps3 and now you can use both modern weaponry and old-school weapons which I find really cool many gamers do hype up the graphical fidelity of this one but in reality graphically.

Call of Duty Mobile Ios

I'd say it's on par with a 7th gen console experience on-screen I've pinned it up against the original cod 4 modern warfare remastered and the latest 2019 modern warfare let me know in the comments which version do you think code mobile represents in terms of graphics since the game initially launched in September 2019 it's been heavily updated with its ninth season coming soon new iconic maps new characters more modes limited time events new weapons


 since Call of Duty Mobile on ios is just a free game you can't really expect anything on that level still for a free mobile game it's not bad at all you can drop into a battle royale mode or you can join so many different classic multiplayer maps it was disappointing that the zombie's mode was removed though apparently, it was because most gamers just ignored it which i find really strange this was my most played mode and i really miss it, yes the game has some pay to win elements and often puts promotions in your face like most free or even paid multiplayer games that said i found i was able to completely ignore all this plus the progression system is pretty solid and call of duty mobile does reward you quite heavily if you manage to play quite well that is my main issue with this game 

Activision hasn't commented on the existence of bots or ai enemies but it's kind of obvious that they are there when you initially play the game and you're at an early level most enemy players are pretty mindless and are very easy to take down hence why I think they are just bots once you get to higher levels you seem to go up against real players and this is when the game really shows its true colors.

Call of Duty Mobile Ios

call of duty mobile ios is so much fun this is a common occurrence in free multiplayer games to avoid waiting times or to hide a low player count plus I guess in some ways it provides a more casual experience that developers often think of when it comes to mobile gamers but honestly, it really hurts the fun early on this is definitely a game you want to play with friends too especially in the battle royale mode it's so much fun you can use voice and text chat to communicate in-game which is cool but the voice chat isn't always reliable so usually, i just use discord 

call of duty mobile is not the most high-end looking game I've seen on the app store so it should not be a surprise that it can run pretty well on most devices out there what do you think of cod mobile in 2020 have you played the game are you still playing it or have you completely abandoned 

Call of duty mobile ios controller

Now In Call of Duty Mobile ios  Controller is Supported Easily. on Ios you can now sign in with your apple id and connect Your Controller. I will say the game's performance With Controller in Call of Duty Mobile Ios is really great on all my devices we could run it at max settings and still maintain 60 frames per second playing on my iPad pro was definitely the best experience the larger display and having a controller in hand represented a console experience and the UI wasn't so cluttered as found on an iPhone.

Call of duty mobile ios controller

I was really happy when controller support was added as I really don't enjoy playing fps games with the touchscreen, it's just far too awkward and objectively it's just a worse experience it's also great that when you play with a controller you actually get connected to other players using a controller too I guess that keeps things fair and balanced 

I just wish when you had a controller connected the touchscreen I would disappear or alter into a more console experience plus aim sensitivity with the controller is still a little bit weird I don't know how they can improve that though but I don't know it just it doesn't feel right the amount of content on offer right now even if we include all the added stuff recently it's still not on the same level as the console or pc experience of any code game.

Call of Duty Mobile Ios Requirments

Call of Duty Mobile Doesn't Require Higend Device in Ios But It  Requires Decent Device Like iOS 9.0 or later on Both Ipad And iPhone. Compatible with iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE , iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2,  iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4,  iPad Pro , iPad mini, iPad Air  ,iPod touch.

Call of Duty Mobile Compared With Pubg, And Fortnite

Now it feels like every game has some sort of Battle Royale mode, and it's not hard to figure out why. These games bring in millions, and millions of dollars a day.  Pubg Mobile was built as a mod, and was inspired directly by a Japanese film titled, "Battle Royale." Where people were transported to a secluded island and forced to battle to the death, which, yeah, sounds familiar. Fortnite had actually been in development for years before Pubg Mobile, but it was a very different game compared to what it is today. And to be fair, you could say that about every season of Fortnite, but yeah.

Call of Duty Mobile Ios

Instead, it was a survival PBE game, drawing comparisons of Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead, where players gather resources to build weapons, and traps against monsters. After seeing the success of Pubg Mobile, Epic Games shifted its focus and turn around a Battle Royale mode in just two months, which is just kind of insane. It is such a quick turnaround time. - It is, especially if we're playing catch-up, and considering where Fortnite is now compared to Pubg Mobile, it was a good move on them tt was 100% a great move on them. But actually, the real winner here is Tencent Games, and that's because Tencent owns all three, or at least, part of all three. Tencent, which is based out of China, is actually the largest gaming company in the world. So large in fact that they own stakes in Activision, as well as Pubg Mobile's parent company Bluehole and a whopping up 40% of Epic Games. Oh, and they also own these not so known titles like, League of Legends, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, just to name a few. 

Call of Duty Mobile Ios

So regardless of which game you're playing, Tencent is making money. And a lot of it. Prior to all of this for the last decade, Call of Duty was the king of online FPS. Last year they released their Battle Royale mode, Black Out to Black Ops 4. And while it have a pretty positive launch, it has come nowhere near close to putting a dent in Pubg Mobile and Fortnite's share of the genre. But with the launch of Call of Duty Mobile, it looks as if that's all about to change. So how does Call of Duty hold up to Pubg Mobile and Fortnite on ios Let's find out? 

So First As An ALternative of Call of Duty Mobile on ios i Tried is Fortnite, because of course, but this is a game that I actually don't really play that much, at all, let alone on the mobile version. So I'm kinda curious to see how it plays. Combat controls, aim anywhere, tap to fire. I mean obviously, this is a mobile game, so all the controls are going to be on the screen. But I think with Fortnite, you actually do have the ability to use a controller and also play with people on other platforms. I will say the main reason why I don't like the shooters on phones, is mainly because it's very easy to lose my stick placement, as much as that sounds like an excuse for dying. Snipers are my favorite thing in shooters. I'm surprisingly good at them. Maybe not in Fortnite but I'm really good at them. Is that person? Oh god. (humming) I'm surprisingly good at them. 

Cod Mobile

 it definitely performed well. Controls, just like with any mobile shooter, it's gonna be something to get used to if you haven't really played many mobile shooters, but I think as far as I can tell it's fine. After Lets Compare Call of Duty Mobile With Pubg Mobile, I have actually played on PC before, I haven't played a crazy amount, but I've definitely played it more than Fortnite. So I should preference, I actually did play Pubg Mobile Mobile for the first time last night, and in my first game I got a chicken dinner, but then people on Twitter shot me back down to earth and told me that the first couple of games are with bots. So where Fortnite is a direct port onto mobile and the console and PC versions are pretty much the same And you can actually cross play with them, on that game. Pubg Mobile Mobile is not a direct Port, it's actually just a pretty much, completely new game under the hood which is really impressive. Is it better or worse than Fortnite? - I think it's better than Fortnite because, again, I think the gameplay is just a little more direct. It's literally just people, and that's it. There's no building or anything so, no inhibitors to get in the way of you getting the kill. 

It's pretty much just you and being able to strafe, hide in buildings. Get your aim on point, it's really up to you really to get all this, I don't wanna to call it cheating, but building is definitely another aspect that complicates things in the gameplay. Violence is not the answer. we good. I will say controls versus Fortnite, it's very easy, again, for my thumb to drift.

 It's not as bad I think with Fortnite and I think it was just the particular control mode that I selected in the settings that helps. It's not bad, I think playing with bots again is the great call here for the first couple of games. You definitely need to get over that learning curve for sure. So, you know Fortnite's popular on mobile and other devices as well. We know Pubg Mobile is also still fairly popular, but why is Call of Duty the new thing? Why is this with 100 million downloads, right? - 100 million. - 100 million. Well I mean probably over 100 million at this point. - At this point, yeah. That statistic's probably what like a week old? - Yeah. - That's crazy. 

Call of Duty Mobile Ios

So it's actually important to note that Call of Duty For Ios has its own Battle Royale mode, but if I'm real, I don't care about that because I care about nostalgia, and back in the day all I did was play Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Domination, which just so happens to be in this game. Now having all of these different game modes, is what sets it apart from Pubg Mobile, and Fortnite. It kind of makes the gaming experience a little smaller scale. You don't have huge maps to go by at least in these modes. In fact, these maps are straight from the console version. They look fairly similar, this was from CoD 4. Now what this means, is that you can play games, that are only a few minutes long, you don't have to sit there for matches that are 30 minutes at a time, which I think for mobile experience actually does play a little better. 

Now full disclosure, I have been playing Call of Duty for A Year Now. so I've had enough time to fine-tune the controls and all that. So, I might be a little biased in saying that this is my favorite game of the three. But you know what? I like having smaller matches. I think it really makes the biggest difference in playing these online shooters. I don't have to sit here on my phone and commit myself to 30 minutes at a time. This is this proper bite-size matches. I mean CoD 4 costs like 60 bucks back in the day.

Call of Duty Mobile Ios

 Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play game, and of course, you can spend money and do all that, I haven't spent a single Cent on the game and it feels like a true online FPS. Now being on this boat, it is great to know that this game has a bunch of maps on it, it's not just one map that you're playing multiple game modes in. They have quite a handful of maps on here, which is great, and they are the Legacy maps of Call of Duty. I think it's very clear that Call of Duty is the best one out of the three. Maybe I'm biased, you can totally say that, but I think for a mobile experience Call of Duty is the best one. The shorter game types are great. The fact that you have multiple Game types is great, having different maps or variety is awesome. I think I enjoy it a lot more, and I think that pretty much speaks to why it is the most popular of the three. You know who is also a winner? 

There Is No Doubt That All These Battle Royale Games Has Are Very Fun To Play o Ios. But It's One Thing That No One Can Beat Class of Call of Duty in Ios.

Call of Duty Mobile Ios Download Link

Call of Duty is Available on Both Ios And Android And Yes It Is Absolut Free To Play. So Must Really Try It.

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