Esports Organization of Nepal Deadeyes Guys, Drs ,Elementrix .

 Esports have taken away more growth in Nepal than we thought in the last 2 years. The Growth was by 230% As Calculated by sports zebra. But Well How Did Esports Grow This Well in Nepal in Just A Small Amount. How did this all esports organization was Formed? Find out all in this detailed blog on the esports organization of Nepal.

Nepal is a developing country with a low gdp, And There was not to expect anything from esports in Nepal. But The Battle Royale Game PUBG MOBILE changed everything. The Games slowing became the world most played mobile game in a calendar year. It Had the same impact in Nepal Too.

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Esports Organizations of Nepal

  • Elementrix
  • Deadeyes Guys
  • Trained 2 Kill
  • Da Real Soldiers
  • Vtn JyanMara
  • Chain Reaction Team Xtreme
  • 7 Seas Esports
  • Play With Purpose
  • Team Hype
  • Asl
  • Pubg Nepal
  • Ase
There is no doubt that the growth of esports in Nepal should be completely credit to Pubg Mobile. In 2018 Nepal Had 0 Esports Tournaments.Pubg Mobile Introduced the first mobile esports tournaments in Nepal Which Was Pmco.

Players from Nepal Played From Wildcard Regions Where if they win They Would Probably Play Pmco Global Finals. After That Event, Esports in Nepal didn't stop. Pubg Mobile Esports Introduced Number of Esports Tournaments in Nepal Which helped Nepali Players to grow Carrer in Esports.

Advantages of Growth of Esports in Nepal

  • Good Source of Income
  • Employment Opportunites for Gamers
  • Attraction of Foreign Organizations


Elementrix Logo

Elementrix is one of the oldest and the best pubg mobile esports organization which was founded by Safal Hyozu aka Mr.Hyzou in 2018. Elementrix was more like a clan then.

In 2018 they participated in their first tournament which was Pubg mobile club open by playing through the wildcard regions Sadly they could not qualify But didn't lose their hope  2019 they participated in the new pmco season where they qualified.

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From then to now Elementrix has always been one of the best and fan-favorite team from in Nepal and have proved their worth.

Elementrix Pubg Members

  • MR Hyzou [IGL]
  • Nang [ Support]
  • Sonim [ Entry Fragger ]
  • Blablabla [Attacker ]
  • Orange [ Attacker ]

Team Hype

Team Hype Pubg Logo

Team Hype is one of the most successful Pubg mobile esports organizations from Nepal. They Are also one of the fan favorites team from Nepal.

Team Hype was the Champions of Pmco South Asia 2020 Spring Split. They Dominated the series by getting the highest number of kills.

Team Hype Pubg Members

  • Gurkha Yt [ Igl ]
  • Kamod [Support ]
  • Turtle [Attacker ]
  • Exists [Support ]
  • Prototype [ Entry Fragger ]
  • Venom [ Attacker ]
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Which is the best esports organization in Nepal.

By far in 2020 Elementrxi has been one of the best esports organizations from Nepal. The Organization is also one of the very few get this much success from esports in Nepal.

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