4k Gaming Nepal Biography, and Pubg Id, [Real Name and Net Worth]


 4k Gaming Nepal is The Highest Subscribe Gaming Youtuber From Nepal. He Has Now Over 700k+ Subscribers on Youtube, But How Did 4k Gaming Grow So Well in The Very Short Time. Find Out All in Thus 4k Gaming Nepal Biography, His Pubg Id, Real Name, and His Net Worth.

4k Gaming Nepal Plays Different Games Like Pubg, Freefire. His Fans Love To Watch His Gameplay. He Names Gameplay As Kanda and Does Crazy Commentary

4k Gaming Nepal

4k Gaming Nepal

Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri is A Nepalese Streamer/Gamer From Nepal Who Streams Pubg Mobile/FreeFire on His Youtube Account And Facebook Page.4k Gaming Nepal has been Recognized As The Top Gaming Influencer From Nepal. Coming From A Remote Village in Nepal,4K Gaming Nepal has finally Got the Succes He Deserved.

4k Gaming Nepal Biography

4k Gaming Nepal Comes From A Middle-Class Family With Big Dreams, He is a man of integrity. The Hard work he has done in the Nepalese gaming community has really brought him up the great success he deserved.

4k Gaming Nepal Was Born in 1994 is a Small Village of Nepal Called Surkhet. His Father Was a Farmer and his Mother was a House Wife.At The Very Youg Age he dreamed of being a truck driver said by Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri himself in his recent interviews.

4k Gaming Nepal

4k Gaming Nepal Went To South Korea For His Further studies and Job. He Had The Dream of His Mother and Father in His Souldiers. He Than Started a Youtube Channel called Maths Nepal Where he uses to teach Maths Question to The Youth.

He Then Returned Back To Nepal And Started Streaming Pubg Mobile From His pc. He didn’t Get too much watching at the beginning but the continuous hard work always pays off. With The Kind of Dedication 4k Gaming Nepal Was Putting in his Steam he finally got the Recognition He Wants.

His Pubg Kanda Was Being Famous And Shard All Over The Internet. His Funny Commentary Was Very Appreciated By Audience.

Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri

Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri is Also Known as 4k Gaming Nepal in Pubg Mobile Mobile Community. He is Probably The Most Earning Streamer from Nepal. He Currently Leaves in the Eastern Part of Nepal in Surkhet With His Mother, Father, and wife.

Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri is also an inspiration for Many Nepali Youths Out There Who Want To Be A Gamer and earn their livelihood. His Struggle, Hard work, passion, and his patience have Paid him Off.

4k Gaming Nepal Wikipedia

  • Name: Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri
  • Age: 26
  • Date of Birth:1994 
  • Parents Name: Unknown
  • Relationship: Married
  • Wife: Laxmee Sahi Thakuri
  • Country: Surkher, Nepal
  • Religion: Hindu
  • NickName: 4k Gaming Nepal, Putin
  • Game: : Pubg Mobile/Freefire
  • Sponsors : Worldlink/Kunyo/Infinix

4k gaming Nepal Pubg id Number

4k Gaming Nepal Pubg id is 556134011. He Plays the global version on the emulator (His Pc). He Also Tried Streaming From Mobile Many Times. You Can Search His Id In Pubg Mobile Add Friend Section Where You Will Be Able To Send him Friend Request.

It’s on Him if he Accepts Your Friend Request.4k Gaming Nepal Spend Way More money in his Pubg id. He recently did about 20k Uc Created Opening which cost him about 400$.

4k Gaming Nepal Biography

4k Gaming Nepal Free Fire Id

4k Gaming Nepal Free fire id is 5435982610. He Started Playing Freefire Before Four Months Ago. But in The Past Few Weeks, 4k has been uploading many Freefire gameplays on the demand of the fans.

Free fire fans also love 4k gaming Nepal and love to watch his videos, He gets a good amount of views in his free fire videos too. He also spends many in-game currencies in the free fire. Like he did 10k Diamond create an opening.

4k Gaming Nepal Has Now Started Streaming Freefire in His Youtube Channel After Getting A Good Support From the Nepalese free fire community.

4k Gaming Nepal Net Worth

The Nepalese Streamer Has Now Eranerd way more fortune in 2020.4k Gaming Nepal Net Worth is $50,000.In 2019 He Just Had $10,000 But Due To His Popularity Grown by 201% this year, He Has Managed To Get 40,000$ More.

His Source of Incom
  • Youtube Monetization
  • Worldlink Communication
  • Kunyo.com
  • Facebook Coins

4k gaming Nepal Youtube earning

4k Gaming Nepal Earns about 200$ every day from Youtube, Through Super chats, and Youtube Ads. He Gets 300k average daily views which helps him to gain more earnings from Youtube. He Also Earns By Promoting Many Products Like smartphones, Websites.

Before Few Days He Streamed A and promoted a phone called infix which was super loved by his viewerships.

4k Gaming Nepal Wife And Family

Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri is Married to Laxmee Sahi Thakuri in 2019. They Married in Surkhet Nepal, With Full Celebrations. He currently lives with his parent’s father and mother which is completely normal in Nepal.

4k Gaming Nepal Family

He Has Alos Brought his wife, father, and mother in his Pubg live streams to interact with his fans spreading positivity to the audience. He Has Been The Part of Community For a Very Long Time And Has Learned Many Things.4k Gaming Nepal Gets The Highest Watching in Nepali Gaming Community With the Constant viership of 2-3k

Watch 4k Gaming Nepal Popular Videos.

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