6 finger claw BGMI layout [Best 6 finger claw setup for BGMI]

When it comes to BGMI game style and controls there are multiple types in the game from 2 fingers to 8 fingers, people enjoy this game in the weirdest way possible, Playing BGMI in 6 finger claw layout is fun and a great way to experience the game, especially for iPad players other mobile users do enjoy but not more. So, what is the Best 6 finger claw setup for BGMI? how do we practice it and be better at it? what is the perfect sensitivity for this style of control!

BGMI 6 Finger claw was first introduced by Korean and Chinese iPad players, they showed us the true potential of the control, they were more versatile and faster as more fingers were used, they were fast. Looking at this people started to learn six finger controls in BGMi, they started to play in it, this way BGMI six-finger claw setup became one of the most popular controls in BGMI.

Since six Finger claw, BGMI controls make the players fast you should try it too? I mean why shouldn’t you right? don’t you wanna be a pro in the game? Well if you want! then you are at the perfect place as we are here to provide you Best 6 finger claw setup for BGMI including controls sensitivity and even some tips to learn your controls faster!

6 finger claw BGMI

6 Finger Claw in BGMI is the new way of playing gaming using your Six fingers only! This is one of the most preferred control in BGMI as it is the fastest setup for gamers. Back in 2020, mostly Chinese iPad players used this as their primary control which made them the fastest in the game, looking at this success many BGMI gamers who wanted to try something new and be better at the game started using the control!

In 2021 6 Finger claw layout for BGMI is the 3rd Most used Claw settings after 2 fingers and Four fingers, however, the Best 6 finger claw setup for BGMI is still not applicable for all. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using these controls, which we will discuss more once we go further in the topic!

6 finger claw BGMI layout

The best 6 finger claw layout for BGMI will be for iPad players or for the players with mobile devices having a screen display over 5 inches. As all your six fingers will be placed on the screen, you will need a bigger device to be more comfortable, it’s not compulsory to have a bigger device though, So if you have a smaller device you can still use 6 finger claw BGMI layout.

We have collected a few but the very best 6 finger claw BGMI set up for you guys with their control code, so you can easily choose any well suitable controls for you in Your game id and be faster at the game, 6 Finger claw BGMI Layout is given below!

6 finger claw BGMI layout
6 finger claw BGMI layout

You can use the above image as your BGMI 6 finger control for iPad, this control is really good and made for professionals as it is hard to master. Once you master these BGMI 6 finger claw controls you will be able to use all your six fingers faster and easier.

Best 6 finger claw setup for BGMI

The best 6 finger claw setup for BGMI must be the one with ADS for iPad players and with a gyroscope for mobile players, there are many people who claim as their BGMI 6 finger control layout is the best, well we have evaluated all these Best 6 finger claw setup for BGMI and kept it below for your use, it depends upon you on what is your best BGMI Control.

You can use your ring finger to shoot and prone and thumb to move around in this 6 finger layout, this will eventually give you a head start during your 1vs1 fight in BGMI. You can easily win the fights by applying these controls and say”1 vs 1 never”. We have proved you the image of this control layout below, make sure to use it or the layout code for bgmi 6 finger.

6 finger claw BGMI layout ipad

6 finger claw BGMI layout code

6916 3078 4863 444 is the only current valid control code for 6 finger claw in BGMI, you can copy that code and paste it in Your id to use it. These layout codes expire in months so make sure to use it before if expires, if it doesn’t please let is know through comments as we will try to fix them asap.

We do have other BGMI six-finger control codes like in the image given below, but those aren’t the best ones ao make sure to see those codes latest once!

You can also use the BGMI 6 finger claw layout code given below in the image by typing it manually!

6 finger claw BGMI layout code
Control Code

6 finger claw BGMI layout ipad

Playing 6 finger claw in iPad is so fun as you get the tur experience of playing the bigger screen, it one fo the most destructive controls in the world, this controls make you 10 times faster than your previous controls, it can also make you much slower if you choose a bad six finger claw control layout for iPad in BGMI, so make sure to choose the perfect one for you which will make your performance positive!

So, how do we choose the best 6 finger claw BGMI layout iPad? well, you don’t need to we have proved you the best layout settings given below!

6 finger claw BGMI layout ipad
6 finger claw BGMI layout iPad

is 6 Finger Claw Good?

If you are an iPad player the yes, 6 finger claw control should be a good option for you as the iPad has a bigger screen and your six fingers are more comfortable in Ipad than on mobile phones, but if you are playing on a small device which as a display size or 5 or less than 5 than 6 finger claw layout is definitely not for you.

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