Astra Academy Pubg Mobile Team

In the ongoing tournament of Pubg Mobile Pro League south Asia championship Astra Academy also know as Team 2A has been one of the best teams in the tournament. Astra Academy has performed so well that the south Asian fans have compared them with Chinese Teams!

Team Astra Academy is really performing god-level their stats are crazy and currently, they stand at the #1 Position of leaderboards. Astra Academy Pubg Team Members are Truly Too Talented!

So, Who are Pubg Astra Academy, from which regions are they from, how did they become so dominant in their first international series, find out all in this detailed blog on Astra Academy Pubg Mobile Teams, Players, and stats.

Astra Academy Pubg

Astra Academy is a Pubg Mobile Esports Organization from the wildcard region. These Esports teams are only at Pubg Mobile right now and they are planning to expand their organization into moving on League of Legends, Valorent, and Free Fire.

Astra Academy started its Pubg Mobile Journey in 2020 but got recognition in 2021. They played extremely well in all the tournaments they Played.

One of the major tournaments was PMCO Wildcard 2021 Spring Split, They won the tournament beating APES INC by whooping 74 Points and securing the crown of the PMCO 2021 Wildcard region!

It looked like the tournament was completely one-sided as Astra Academy dominated the entire championship and bagged $3,900 in their bank account.

As Astra Academy Won PMCO Wildcard 2021, They got a direct invite to play Pubg Mobile PRO league South Asia Championship with other best Pubg Mobile teams from south Asia!.

Team Astra Academy Information

Team NameAstra Academy
GamePubg Mobile
RegionSouth Asia
Approx Earnings$4000
Astra Academy Pubg Logo.png

Astra Academy Pubg Members

  • skryyy [IGL]
  • TOP [Attacker]
  • pikA [Fragger]
  • Action [Support]
  • Senator [Support]

skryyy Pubg Mobile

skryyy is a Pubg Mobile Esports Player from Mongolia who currently Plays for Astra Academy and is one of the finest players from the South Asian region who has proved his worth in different regions and tournaments!

Skryy has been one of the most important players for 2A Pubg Mobile also know as Astra Academy. He plays the role of an in-game leader in the team and does his job perfectly.

TOP Pubg Mobile

Top Pubg Mobile is one of Astra Academy Pubg Member who plays the role of an attacker in the teams. He is one of the finest Pubg Player and his reflexes are god Level.

Astra Academy Pubg Signed Top as a player in 2019 and since then he has been playing in that team as an official Pubg Mobile Esports Player.

Astra Academy Pubg Country?

Team Astra Academy Pubg Mobile is from Mongolia and Plays the wildcard region of Pubg Mobile Esports. They are the Mongolian Esports Organization who is currently active on Pubg Mobile.

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