BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) is a free-to-play battle royale game for android and ios. It’s a game based on action where a certain amount of players are pushed into an island and the last one to survive wins it. However, the pc version of BGMI isn’t available yet! So how can we get it? is there a BGMI emulator available? How can we use BGMI on pc or mac?

Fans of BGMI have started to ask so many questions regarding this issue like What is the best emulator for BGMI in Pc? is BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA even available for Pc? if yes how to play BGMI on PC? Well, find out in this Blog on BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Emulator [BGMI For Pc and Mac].

After Pubg Mobile was banned in India, Krafton decided to make an Indian version of Pubg Mobile know as BGMI Themselves, and they made it but only for android and ios. Since Pubg Mobile was a creation of Tencent games their players could use Tencent’s official emulator for the game, but since BGMI is the creation of Krafton they can’t, and eventually Chinese software is banded by the Indian government!


BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) is an Indian version of Pubg Mobile developed and distributed by Krafton Ince which is free to play and is available for android and ios!. The beta version of this game for android players was launched in June of 2021, it was about 9 months after the previous version of this game was banned!

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA has already crossed 20 Million downloads in less than a month which is a huge record for a region-based mobile game! However, the total downloads across all the platforms would be even more if it would have launched its own emulator for BGMI!. There are so many Indian BGMI players who aren’t able to play the game due to this issue, as many people just good pc and wanna try that new BGMI game on pc/mac but there is no any official way to download the game!


There is no official emulator For BGMI like Pubg Mobile and freefire, but you can still use many unofficial emulators available for BGMI in the market like NOX Playe, Blustacks, etc. For BGMI it’s not hard to find an emulator if you really want to play this game on Pc as there are so many options you can get. However, there is very few proper and good emulator than can give you a proper mobile like non-laggy and non-glitchy gameplay on Pc. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Emulator are many but the best ones? very few!

We have a list of Best BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Emulator for Windows, So yes if you want the best one you should probably read this Full article!

Top 5 Best Emulator For BGMI

  1. BlueStacks
  2. Memu
  3. LDPlayer
  4. NoxPlayer
  5. GameLoop

These are the top best emulators which you can use for BGMI, it’s free and 100 useful as all these emulators have been tested for BGMI and they give you the best performance compared to any other emulator for BGMI in the market. Other than that Bluestacks in the best one from there as it has special kinds of functions that are specially built for BGMI and can be played with perfection. If you still wanna try other emulators for BGMI then you can free to try as it’s all about the experience.

Bluestacks For BGMI

Bluestacks is one of the best android emulators has a lot of new features which is even better than Android, it has one of the best UI when it comes to preference, Bluestacks has so much to offer when it comes to BGMI, as they have introduced new features just For BGMI. This BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Emulator is not official though!

Bluestacks for BGMI
Bluestacks for BGMI

Download Bluestacks For BGMI

Pros of Using Bluestacks For BGMI

  • Best Emulator Available in the market
  • Non-laggy Gameplay
  • 90FPS in BGMI
  • No glitches and Bugs

Cons of Using Bluestacks For BGMI

  • Matchmaking Problem
  • Server Issue

Nox player For BGMI

Nox player is one best alternative for Bluestacks as it is also one of the top-rated emulators which have so many features to offer compared to other emulators. In recent few years, noxplayer has been able to put their reputations on providing the smoothest emulators.

Nox player For BGMI
Nox player For BGMI

Download Nox Player For BGMI

Pros of Using Nox player

  • Lesser Ram Usage
  • Lesser Power Consumption
  • Better For Low end Pc
  • Higest of Graphics availbale

Cons of Using Nox Player

  • Server Issue
  • Lag and Bad UI
  • Game Crashing Problem


There are so many Emulators for BGMI available in the market so if you want you can easily from the SERPs, still will give you some of the emulator download links down below! However, if you want the proper experience of the game the I say to play the game on mobile as no emulator can give you android performance in the Pc

It’s too fun to play a mobile game BGMI on the Orginal platforms ie Mobile, but yes you can take at least an experience on how this BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Emulator works on PC, and share your experience around the intent!


Which is the Best Emulator for BGMI?

Currently, Bluestacks tops the list for best BGMI emulator as it is the only emulator offering a non-lag smooth 90FPS BGMI gameplay on PC. Bluedtacks is one the best android emulator and is also very good for BGMI. Bluestacks also offers various in-built tools that will help you play BGMI smoother and better by increasing your accuracy and controls.


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