Pubg Mobile is now no longer available in India forever. The Indians have now got their own battle royale game know as BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. This game is only made for the people of the Indian region. Since both games are made by Grafton gaming union which is better this is why we brought this article on BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA VS Pubg Mobile.


It’s confirmed that both games will be the same, Just the names are different. We will be comparing both Pubg Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India in the best possible way keeping all the aspects clear and fair.

Since both games are similar, there will not much good difference in these games, But we will try our best to point out which game is better and how are they different from each other in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA VS Pubg Mobile

Pubg mobile Vs Battleground Mobile India

Pubg mobile Vs Battleground Mobile India is one of the biggest debates in the gaming world right now trending all over social media, Fans from India are taking on the global fans of Pubg mobile claiming that their game is the best and is more fun to play.

Reminding all the gamers that how illogical these comparisons are since both games are the same. It’s like comparing The global Pubg Mobile vs The Chinese Pubg Mobile(Game for Peace). The games are the same however the updates are different, skins, customs, some map events, characters, integrations, etc.

Starting up With Versions and Update on BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA VS Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile has been in the mobile gaming market for three years now and they have performed pretty well, However, in terms of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA they have just arrived and they are doing good too.

Pubg mobile launches its major update every month providing exciting events and in-game decoration in order to make the game more interesting.

On the other hand BATTLEGROUNDS, MOBILE INDIA barely launched major updates compared with the global Pubg.

Bugs and Glitches in Pubg Mobile Vs BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA

Both Pubg Mobile and BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA have a lot of bugs and glitches however when we are comparing battleground mobile India is way better in it as compared with PUBG Mobile it has very less amount of bugs and glitches

Esports and Carrer

When it comes to esports and career both Pubg mobile and battleground mobile India are the best in esports from mobile Gaming. Both games have a number of esports tournaments and have a great career for all the emerging young players.


Data Pubg Mobile Battleground Mobile India
Developed By Tencent Krafton Games
Released on February 9, 2018 June 18
Platform IOS/Android Android(Currently)
Country Global India
Size 770MB 990MB
Earnings $36 Billion+ Unknow
Version 1.4.0 0.1.0
Downloads 100 Million+ 10 Million+
Maps 6 2

Which Has Better Gameplay Pubg Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Taking about the gameplay Battlegrounds Mobile India is way far better than Pubg Mobile, it has very smooth gameplay with fewer bugs and less power usage, and of course better fps.

The Bugs in Battlegrounds Mobile India are fixed way faster the global version of This Game!

Pubg Mobile Battlegrounds Mobile India Types
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There is not so much thing left to say in his conclusion as if you are from India your own version is perfect for you as you will have many Indian events in the game and Indian esports tournaments. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA VS Pubg Mobile is like comparing the same game with two different names.

And if you are not form india it’s better for You to play Your Own Version.

Starting BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA VS Pubg Mobile, This comparison is bassed


Which is better Pubg Global version or BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA?

There is no comparison between these games as both Pubg mobile and BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA are the same game with two different names! Both works on the same concept in fact both are developed by the same parent company Tencent games X Bluehole. The only proper difference between These games is the regions.

So The Debate on BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA VS Pubg Mobile is Completely illogical


No, Pubg mobile isn’t better than BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA and it’s vice versa. As both games have the same gameplay and in-game items. The games are only different in terms of borders as BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is only available for Indians

There are so many similarities in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA and Pubg Mobile as they are almost same to each other. The Maps, some skins ,gameplay, concepts everything is Same!


Battleground Mobile India is an Indian Version of Pubg Mobile developed by Krafton inc. It’s a battle royale game with an Indian theme on it. The game is completely focused on the Indian audience and will not be available for other regional players.


After the ban of Pubg mobile in India last year krafton inc had been working on bringing an Indian version of this game so that the government will allow them. It took them 7 months to officially announce the game.

See a Short Clip on The Pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India.


BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is the same as PUBG Mobile so comparing them or creating a debate on BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA VS Pubg Mobile, Who is better is completely worthless. However, the games can be compared in many ways.

Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile is a battle royale game introduced by Pubg Corporation and developed by Tencent Games for the ios/android. It is one of the best games of the last five years. The game is very similar to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

Hope You Like BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA VS Pubg Mobile, Please Let us Know About Your Thoughts!

Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile was Pouplar and a succeful game through out the world however it is india where the game was recognised the most

So What Do You Think about The Debate of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Vs Pubg Mobile or Pubg Mobile BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA? Which Do You Think is Better

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