BGMI Tips and tricks [2021 Edition]

BGMI tips and tricks help you to enhance your skill in the game, it is one the most effective ways of understating the game which eventually leads to a better version of yourself in BGMI but the tips and tricks you have must be effective and real, using bad tups and tricks even degrade your gameplay. So make sure to use a proper one.

If you are looking for the best and perfect tips and tricks or BGMI in 2021 you are in the perfect place, we have collected and research over ten best tips from the top BGMI players from the nation, Such tips are very effective to make you a pro at the game so Make sure to Use it.

Best Tips and tricks for BGMI

Here we have collected the best tips and tricks for BGMI from the best players of the game, getting these were extremely hard and challenging as there are 100s of trick BGMI, but the best which can really help You, well very few, the bgmi tricks and tips we have here will literally make you a god at the game.

Note: Make sure to practice these BGMI tips and tricks advanced as you may not master them in a day or a week it takes months of hard work and dedication for you in order to make master these tips and tricks for BGMi and can finally be good at BGMI.

Starting with the first one!

Learn form Chinese Players

Chinese Players are the faster gamers in the world, their insane reflex and close-combat are well known. They have made a reputation from it, i mean look at para boy himself he is Chinese and the world appreciates him for his skills, how great is he right, not only parabiyt there are hundreds of Chinese pro you can learn from their drills, control setup and many more!. Learning for Chinese is one of the best tips and tricks for BGMI Players.

You must always learn from the best, and there are no there best than Chinese players, So go on youtube and choose Yingyan gaming as is one of the fastest gamers in the world and watch his videos and learn about his control and insane reflex, train his drill and practice for a month.

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You can watch one of his videos here

Play Hot drop in BGMI

Playing Hot-drop is the best way to be better at BGMI, as you will encounter more players than playing it camp. currently tech center is a huge hot-drop, most people will land here, so let me show you a secret trick to surprise your enemies example like this. in order to reach that place, you will need to jump like this, and somehow magically you will stand here, without falling down, maybe there is an invisible wall I guess.

Make sure to switch to the first-person view otherwise your character will block all the views, and wait for your enemies to fall into your trap, your opponents will never expect you to be here. and your enemies won’t be able to spot you in that position, so you are completely safe this also works when the enemies are on the rooftop, you could catch them by surprise, I mean this is a very unexpected place.

And there is another way to attack the tech center apartment campers is by using an air conveyer, there are two air conveyer locations next to tech center and its apartments, just use them and fly straight up and now land on top of the apartment and surprise attack the rooftop campers.

Watch this video on How BGMI hot-drop is one of the best tips

Use Muzzle Brake instead of Compensator in BGMI

Muzzle Brake a new attachment that is only available on the event mode is now the best muzzle in BGMI, it has a great potential for new players as Using this muzzle is a great Tip for BGMI. So I already tested it with AKM and ASM Abakan, and if you look closely at these sprays. you can clearly see that the new attachment muzzle brake will provide you a much better recoil reduction than the compensator.

So there is absolutely no doubt that the muzzle brake is better than the compensator, but let’s do the same test with SMGs, here is the UMP’s recoil pattern or spray pattern, without using any attachments. and now UMP with a flash hider’s recoil spray, flash hider slightly reduces recoil, not by a lot since its main purpose is to remove the muzzle flash while firing. and now with compensator, the compensator reduces the recoil by up to 10% or more, and we all know its the best muzzle attachment for normal classic games, but the new muzzle brake attachment actually does a slightly better job on reducing recoil than the compensator, so obviously, the new attachment muzzle brake is better than compensator even for SMGs, so similarly it should be better for DMR Sniper Rifles.

and now to the ergonomic grip, it significantly improves the stability of the firearms, so how well it does against other grips, let’s find out, so this is the recoil pattern of UMP with a vertical grip, and now with an angled grip, by the way, the angled grip doesn’t change the vertical recoil. it only reduces the horizontal recoil of the weapon, whereas the ergonomic grip does both, reduces the vertical recoil as well as horizontal recoil, which makes the ergonomic grip the best among the other grips.

Use one way Smoke Grenade trick

if you don’t know what is one-way smoke, it’s a type of smoke that allows you to see your opponent while your opponents can barely see you, or maybe can’t see you at all. These tips and tricks for BGMI are used by almost all esports tournaments even my Jonathan and Mavi.

so how do we use this one-way smoke in school apartments? well first of all you’ll obviously need a smoke grenade, and then throw the smoke with either low toss or high toss, and it should land In between both of these two stairs, or approximately right over there. once it completely smoked the stairs, now go ahead and stand on top of the smoke grenade example like this. now, from here, you can see your opponent through the edges of the smoke while your opponent can’t see you at all

so this is one of the best strategies you can use to push into the school apartments in order to finish the campers. and this trick works on every floor, as well as every apartment buildings but sometimes if you didn’t throw the smoke properly then you might be slightly visible to your opponent, so you gotta be extremely careful while doing this trick, but you will get a huge advantage as you will able to see them through the smoke and get an easy finish.

This grenade lineup is very simple, just jump out from this window, and then aim for the terrace wall, and throw it, the grenade will bounce back into the roof top, and it will most likely knock anyone near this door area, or it will do some serious damage. if you want to be safer, you could climb up the window frame like this, and then lean out, and aim for the roof top’s wall, and throw the grenade, it will bounce on the roof top exactly where the campers would be holding.

Learn Bride Camping and Breaking Bridge camp Tips

Bridge Camping is one of the oldest ways to get easy kills in BGMI, many gamers use this as it is effective, So this can be a great tip too, but breaking birding camping is also a great way to kill an entire Squad, So make sure to learn both, to bridge camo and get ten’s of kills and also to finish them who has been camping bridge and being a pain in the head using BGMI tips and tricks 2021.

whenever you land on a military base or security center, and you don’t have a zone and you have to cross the bridge, but there might be some bridge campers, so to avoid them you need to travel through an air conveyor, there are two air conveyer located in the military base island, one is behind nova, and another over here. so use this to cross to bridge or if you wanna kill the bridge campers in an unexpected way. this also works for the other bridge as well you need to land very carefully while landing on top of the bridge. and find the bridge campers, and you can either kill them or troll them if you got a VSS.

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Use Tesla Car in BGMI

Tesla cars are now available in the Battleground Mobile India game, and it’s going to be here for a long, So you can use tesla cars in order to improve your gameplay in BGmi, as they are faster smaller, and smoother, you can chase many You enemy and finish them easily in vehicle combat.

and the next tip is about tesla’s, so you can only find 4 teslas in a single game, and they are located in the tesla factory or Giga factory, so most people would land here at these Giga factories it’s gonna be chaos over here, so if you don’t want to land here, and you still want to get tesla in a middle of the game or in mid-game, you will need to open your map and check if there are any tesla. when someone takes a tesla the factory icon in your map will stop glowing as shown here, so you won’t get tesla from that Giga factory you’ll need to find another one that glows like this. in order to make tesla you’ll need to activate 3 switches, the 1st is located right here, so go activate it, and then the next one is located in a room secretly here.

And the last one is located next to the tesla logo on top. once you activate it, It will start making tesla in 30 seconds, by the way, you’ll get a supply crate behind tesla. Using Tesla cars has proven to be a great BGMI tip and trick in 2021.

Use Better Gun Combination in BGMI

Using a better gun combination can always be helpful for you, but the best gun combination for all depends on their playstyle, if you are a sniper of your tram you should go for M416 with AWM, if you are a support player you must try M416 with DP28, and if you are a Henry fragger of your team you must always use both Assault rifle gun as you are the one who alys Tekes fight first.

Choosing the best gun combinations plays a vital role in your BGMI gameplay and is also a great tip and trick one can give to others, so always prefer to learn which gun combination is better for you and why. If you figure out which one is best for you that will be the best BGMI tips and tricks for you in 2021.

What are the best tips and tricks for BGMI Players?

  • Play Fearless
  • Watch Esports tournamnets and learn Stragties
  • Play with better Teammates
  • Learn form Chinese Pros
  • Use a better Gun Combination
  • Choose a better Controls and Sensitivity that suits you.
  • Spend 30 Minuets a day in training camp
  • Learn recoil controlling
  • Play more TDM Matches
  • Learn Close combat

So thanks for reading this article on BGMI Tips and tricks for 2021, these cool tricks will guarantee to improve you in the game and eventually make you better, these tips and tricks were proved by bgmi pros and esports players so huge thanks to players like Jonathan, scout, mortal, Mavi, and God Noxon Gaming.

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