BGMI Two finger Control Settings [BGMI best control settings 2 fingers]

Being a good player in BGMI is always a big thing for Indian lads, but achieving it is really hard. One of the best ways of being good at the game is choosing BGMI best control settings 2 fingers, these settings can really make you a better player as lost of esports players use it. So what is the best 2 finger control for BGMI and how do we use it to become a better version of ourselves in the Game!

In this article we are going to talk everything you need to know about BGMI Control Settings 2 finger, what are its advantages, disadvantages, uses and ways to master it. You can implement this information on your id to see the changes of these settings and realize how important these tips are!. We are also gonna give you guys a few of best 2 finger control for BGMI.

So, before starting completely,Lets talk about what are BGMI Two Finger Controls

BGMI Two fingers Control

The Two Finger Controls setting is one of the play-style of BGMI where players only use two fingers to play the game, this includes, prone, crouch, shoot, jump and Peak, etc. Unlike other BGMI controls like 3 Finger and 4 Finger, the Two-finger is the default control setting in BGMI. This controls setting is preferred by many top players and gamers so, it has proved to be one of the finest Controls.

Despite being the default controls, BGMI Controls Setting 2 finger is the second Most used control in the game after Four finger claw, this is because it has lots of advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it increases your speed while on the other hand, it decreases your versatility. So which should you choose? Well, read this article on the best two finger controls for BGMI you will get the answer yourself!

Advantages and Disadvantages of BGMI 2 Finger Setup

Read this to find weather BGMI 2 finger setting is for You or not?


  • Thumb Finger is More accurate!
  • Faster aim
  • Speed increases by 55%
  • Easy to Use and Learn. 


  • Defalut Controls Used by many!
  • No versatility, cannot show good reflex.
  • Unable to use the combination Like Jump, fire and prone shoot!

So, You see there isn’t much difference between using it or now, however, it also depends upon your play styles like an ADS player or a gyroscope player, an Ads player prefers 2 fingers while the other prefers four-finger but it’s completely upon you to choose Your playstyle. Since you have already chosen which one is best for you now you if you still stick with the best 2 finger control for pubg mobile, now will provide you all sorts of the kind so control in two-finger setting in pubg!

BGMI Two fingers Control Settings

Choosing the right BGMI Two-finger settings is very important, there are different types of BGMI controls for two-finger plays like two finger+ Gyroscope or two-finger + Gyroscope scope only, or two-finger + Ads! Which one are you from here? First decided yourself and then choose the control given below!

There is no doubt that Choosing Two-finger controls in BGMI is not a mistake as legendary BGMI players like Jonathan, Mavi, and Viper use these are their primary control and still manage to perform great in competitive matches. In fact, Jonathan is admired as one of the best players in the world. So if you are choosing the 2 finger controls don’t doubt if it is good or not, Just make sure if it is the best bgmi control settings 2 fingers, which we will help you to choose.

BGMI Two fingers Control For Gyroscope

BGMI Two-finger controls with Gyroscope is the deadliest combination in the game, Jonathan himself gets the top fragger in the tournament using this combination. Two Finger control settings with a gyroscope help you to get a better spray and win close range fights with the opponents, it also helps you in long-range while you are snipping as a gyroscope is a faster method of snipping.

One of the top Pubg mobile player coffin also used the same controls, this is where the two finger and gyroscope controls started to roll out in the game, after seeing the reflex of coffin by using gyroscope many people got inspired to use two-finger controls for bgmi Gyroscope.

BGMI best control settings two finger Gyroscope is given below!

BGMI Two finger Control Settings
BGMI Two finger Control Settings

BGMI Two fingers Control For ADS Players

Ads are also a good control for 2 finger settings, as you don’t need to move anything with a gyroscope, your gameplay lies in your hand and depends upon how you use it. There is much two-finger control for ADS players in BGMI, but the one we have given below is the best one for all the people. Many esports players use this so you can rely on it.

BGMI best control settings 2 fingers for ads players is given below!

BGMI Two finger Control Settings
BGMI Two finger Control Settings

BGMI Best control settings 2 fingers

The two finger layout has been a prominent way of being better at BGMI for years now, the best assaulter of BGMI Jonathan and the best IGL, entry fragger of BGMI Soul Mavi has confirmed this as they also use BGMI Best control settings 2 fingers. You can use the proved control settings 2 fingers by copying the controls code and pasting it in Your id.

This way you don’t need to do any hard work as BGMI automatically copies all the settings and control and saves in Your in-game id. The control will be inspired by great players like Jonathan, Mavi, viper, Ronak, smokey, and Vexe!

BGMI best control settings 2 fingers

BGMI 2 Finger Control Code 2021

The best 2 finger control code for BGMI is 6974-6436-6698-0702-451, Copy this and paste it in layout as it only works in the layout settings make sure to use it quickly as it may expire very soon. This is a two-finger controls code for Gyroscope which he’s you to build up accuracy and improve your close ranges.

Make sure to share these codes with your In-game BGMi as let them be a good player in BGMI too by using this BGMI Best control settings 2 fingers, what will do you by pro? Well let us know through comments!

You also use the BGMI 2 Finger control code 2021 given below if the first one doe not work!

BGMI 2 Finger Control Code

So, yes this was the complete article on BGMI Best control settings 2 fingers, where we provided our 2-finger BGMI players a better control settings and it’s layout control code. So if you have any issue regarding this article please let us know through comments as it helps us to bring more contnet like this. Hope you used the BGMI best control settings 2 finger 2021 we provided!

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