BGMI VS Pubg Mobile All the difference!

The Beta Version of BGMi Early access has been Open for all the players. Former Pubg Mobile Players have already started to play the game and started enjoying it. There is not much difference in These both, but there are some, which we are going to cover in This blog of Biggest Difference in Pubg Mobile and BGMI.

Both the games are same the only difference in their developing procedure is that the global verison of Pubg Mobile Players Data are with tencent which goes to china and the BGMI Datas will be with Krafton Gaming Union in Singapore.

Biggest Difference in BGMI and Pubg Mobile

The game is complety same in Logic, maps and gameplay however there are some big differnce in BGMI and Pubg Mobile which makea the both games a little different. It definetley proves that Krafton was trying to improve and work smarter where Tencent lacked.

  • The Difference in Price of Uc in Pubg Mobile and BGMI
  • The appearance of Coupon Scrap
  • Red Hit Effect removed from BGMI
  • A Reminder for BGMI Player to play it Properly and its a Virtual Game
  • No Blood Scatter in BGMI, Flower Bloom When a Person is Finished
  • The killed word has Been Removed from The Game Statement and replaced with the word finished!
  • Notification To Take Break after every 2 hours of Gaming
  • Phone Verification
  • You Cannot be nak*d, the clothes in your body are permanent

The first difference is the UC Price in Pubg Mobile Vs BGMI

It costs around Rs 90 for 60 Uc in BGMI While the same amount of UC in Pubg Mobile just costs about 75. So there is a 15 Rs difference in each one Transaction! Krafton is gonna earn way more than Tencent earned in this way. The same goes for 300 UC there is a huge difference in the pricing of Pubg Mobile and BGMI. See the data in The Image Given Below!

Are Unknown Cash (UC) cheaper in Pubg Mobile than Bgmi?

Yes, It is true that UC in Pubg Mobile is a little cheaper than in BGMI. In BGMI Krafton charges a little more than Tencent changes in Pubg Mobile. It looks like BGMI is trying to cover the loss of the last 9 months due to the ban of Pubg Mobile in India!

The Differnece in Uc Prices

2nd Big Differnece is The Coupen Scarp For Crates in BGMI and Pubg Mobile

If You are a hard-core Pubg Mobiel fan then You will remember the coupon scrap which you collect and open a create and get cool stuff. If You look Closely Then You Will Find in Pubg Mobile in coupon scrap there was Pubg Mobile written but in BGMI Its written Battleground Mobile India. Ik it’s a small difference but Pubg Mobile did well fixing it!

The Next one is Red Hit effect is not available in BGMI!

If you ever played Pubg Mobile from the very beginning there used to be just a red hit effect in Pubg Mobile, But later in the update, after 2020 many hit effects were added like yellow, green blue, etc. In BGMI There is no red hit effect. There are only light Green, dark green, and light yellow which kinda sucks. This is one of the annoying differences between Pubg Mobile and BGMI

It looks like BGMI are taking things very seriously over the last Pubg Mobile Ban, the red indicates violence and if you remember last time the game had some controversies over PUBG MOBILE is one of the violent Games at the moment, so red indicates violence and they removed it.

If You ever Played BGMI It asks you to verify your number through OTP in order to protect the misuses of the game, this is one of the big difference between BGMI and Pubg Mobile, in Pubg mobile Tencent games never asks us to enter the number and verify it

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