Top 5 Best GFX Tool For BGMI [No Ban]

GFX Tools are one of the best addon tools that is used in Gaming, almost all games support the GFX tools, It is one of the most used third-party software in BGMI, It is confirmed that over 70% of Low-end device BGMI players use the tool. There is so many Gfx tool in the market, … Read more

BGMI Tips and tricks [2021 Edition]

BGMI Tips and tricks

BGMI tips and tricks help you to enhance your skill in the game, it is one the most effective ways of understating the game which eventually leads to a better version of yourself in BGMI but the tips and tricks you have must be effective and real, using bad tups and tricks even degrade your … Read more

Carryminati BGMI Id, Controls, Stats, and Sensitivity

Carryminati BGMI Id, Controls, Stats

Carryminati is currently the Second top Gamer of India with nearly 10 million of subscribe. carryminati plays BGMI too in his gaming channel where he streams games. So what is carryminatis BGMI id? and what is carryminati controls, sensitivity, and stats. Carryimati plays BGMI using the recent official emulator, he is one of the finest … Read more