BGMI Rename Card Redeem Code 2021

BGMI Rename Card Redeem Code 2021

Just like Pubg Mobile rename cards, BGMI rename cards are extremely rare in the game, you either have to purchase them or there is a little chance you can get them for free completing levels and missions!. However, after the update, there is a new way and that is through BGMI Rename Card Redeem Code. … Read more

BGMI Stylish Nicknames July 2021

Putting stylish BGMI nicknames in our BGMI is id way more fun than we expect as it gives u access to the amazing and stylish nicknames that our friends find cool. So, what are the stylish nicknames for BGMI? How to generate those stylish names for bgmi? There will be multiple sites that prove you … Read more

Devices that support 90fps in BGMI

Playing BGMI in 90FPS is a great experience, it’s smooth as butter which gives you proper satisfaction while playing BGMI. Not every phone support 90FPS IN BGMI, that’s because Krafton allows only a few Devices that support 90fps in BGMI? , They choose it by the performance and specification of the device. There are very … Read more

BGMI 120FPS Config file download [Android & Ios]

Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File

BGMI is an awesome battle royale game with excellent game logic, this game has proven to be one of the very best Battle royale games of 2021, BGMI literally rocked on the very first day of their download, everything is nice in this game except 120fps Support! Despite being a big graphics game there is … Read more

How to be a Pro player in BGMI? [ Complete Guide]

Being a pro player in BGMI is every BGMI player’s dream, but not anyone can achieve it, This takes a lot of dedication, practice and sacrifices, many gamers cannot achieve this!, well so what should we do to become a pro players in BGMI? how much should we practice, should we change are our playstyle? … Read more

BGMI Best Sensitivity For IOS and Android

BGMI is a great Battle royale game. Being a Pro player in BGMI is a dream for millions of gamers out there in India. But it’s not easy to master BGMI! You will need Better sensitivity to be a Pro Player!. So what is the Best BGMI sensitivity? How to master it? BGMI Senstiivyt varies … Read more