Cr7 Horaa Biography Pubg id stats and KD

Due to the rise of Pubg Mobile in Nepal, there has been in rising of many content creators, the gamers in Nepal are starting to get a career in Nepalese esports. CR7 horaa is one of them, from making vlogs on DRS gaming to crossing 100k Subscribers in a Few months. He has come a long way! So who actually Cr7 Horaa, What is Cr7 Horaa Pubg ID and stats.

Cr7 Journey has been short until now, he has gained many Pubg mobiles fans in very little time through his Youtube live streams, he entertains them a lot so he is loved pretty better. He is also a good pubg mobile player as we can see in hi some youtube clips. we will talk about Cr7 journey his pubg id in this blog on Cr7 Horaa Biography Pubg id stats and KD.

Cr7 Horaa

Sanjan Gautam also knows as Cr7 horaa is a Nepalese streamer/gamer from Morang district. He is currently one of the biggest youtube gaming icons in Nepal. He gets hundreds of thousands of views in his youtube videos. Cr7 hora is also one of the finest entertainers from the Nepalese gaming industry. His steams are mostly watched by teenage Nepalese and gamers.

From making Vlogs to youtube heroes, Cr7 Hora has done a great hustle to be where he is today, he always dreamed of being a youtube in his young days, but couldn’t succeed but the vlogs and DRS gaming organization helped him a lot to achieve his dreams in his real life!

CR7 Horaa Pubg Mobile
CR7 Horaa Pubg Mobile

Cr7 Horaa Biography

Real NameSanjan Gautam
Nickname Cr7 Horaa
TeamDRS Gaming (Content creators)
GamePubg Mobile
HobbiesFootball, gaming
Net Worth$500K

The above table was filled with all the major information on Cr7 Horaa, he is a private person so we don’t know much about him.

Cr7 Horaa Pubg Id

The Pubg Id of Cr7 id is 5565633090, this is his only Pubg mobile id, you can send him a friend request in his Pubg mobile account by coping the above-given id and paste it in your ad find section after you paste you will get a pop up of his Pubg id and there will be added friend section.

Cr7 Hora’s Pubg id is filled with expensive stuff and items like Godzilla UAZ, and glacier M416, he does spend a lot of uc in the game so he has these exclusive items. You can see his crazy Stuff in his Pubg account through his youtube streams!

Cr7 Hora Pubg Controls, Sensitivity and stats

despite being a great entertainer on youtube in his live streams he is also a good pUbg Mobile player, he has an iPhone 11 device which gives him a good reason to be at least a decent player in the game. Cr7 hora’s Pubg control and sensitivity are in his Instagram feature story. You can go and check that in the link given below!.

Cr7 horaa also has decent stats in the game, he has a JD of 5 in the ace league which pretty good for normal content creators on youtube, he also has a good headshot percentage and wins ratio white great average damage in Pubg. Well, overall we could say Cr7 horaa Pubg stats and KD are decent!

Cr7 Horaa’s Discord

Cr7 does own a discord server and his discord server is this. You can click on that link and you will get a direct invite to Cr7 hora’s Discord. You should join the server and as there is so much fun going on in that server, crazy new trendy memes and pubg mobile gameplay are also there

Watch Cr7 Hora’s New Video

So that’s all from today’s blog on Cr7 Horaa Biography Pubg id stats and KD, where we talked about his Biography and his pubg id stats. If you any suggestions regarding this article then please let us know through comments and we will try to fix it asap. Thanks for reading this article!

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