Free Fire sk sabir boss [ Biography, Free Fire Id ,Phone Number And Net worth ]


 Sk Sabir Boss is now the boss of the Indian Freefire Community. Lots of People Recognize him As free fire Sk sabir boss. He Has Been The Favourite of Indian Free Fire Players For A Long Time Now.

If We Talk About Free Fire Players We Talk About Indians. India Has one of the highest numbers of new Best emerging Players. Sk Sabir Boss is one of Them. He Has Made a lot of names in IGC in A Very Short Period of Time.

sk sabir boss photos

So Who actually is free fire Sk sabir boss, His Freefire Id/Uid. His Contact Number, his Photo Find out all of your queries in this Complete Sk Sabir Boss Biography.

Free fire Sk sabir boss 

Free fire Sk sabir boss aka Shekh Sabir is one of the fastest free fire players from India. He is also Famous For Maintaining Amazing/High kd in Free Fire in all the seasons.

He is also one of the big guys in the Indian youtube gaming community with almost 3 Million subscribers and over 450k+ Followers on Instagram.

Sk Sabir Boss Biography

Sk Sabir Boss, one of the most loved guy in the free fire community because of his gameplay, attitude, humbleness, and Frankness. He is Mostly Know For His eye-catching gameplays in the higher tier. Sk Sabir Boss uploads and do a live stream of the game freefire on his youtube channel. He is best in rank pushing.

Sk Sabir Boss Was Born in Kolkata India.He Has Completely hidden his personal life, So We Cant Really Tell You About His Personal Life. He is A Humble person From The Community is simple and tries to be simple. In Fact, in recent years he has not been and will never be a part of any controversies out there in the freefire community.

Early Life of Sk Sabir Boss

Sk Sabir Boss Was Very Good in studies, in fact, he is still good. He Always Dreamed of Being A Doctor from a very young age. And Now is waiting for the opportunities.

He completed his graduation from Kolkata India and now waiting for being a doctor. He currently lives with his family and doing full-time youtube as a source of income.

sk sabir boss photos

Many Gamers Get Fame And Recognition From youtube but in the case of sk sabir boss, he got his recognition by representing India at the top levels of freefire. He used to represent India by pushing in top players’ leader board. He Later Opened A Youtube Channel in the demand of his fans.

Sk sabir boss Uid

The Uid of Sk Sabir Boss is 55479535. He Is Currently on the top leader board of the India region in FreeFire.The Uid is Also Called The Free Fire Id.

Sk Sabir Boss Free Fire 


Real Name: Shekh Sabir
Also Known For Sk Sabir Boss
Best Known For Freefire Rank Push
Age: 26 Years
Youtube Started:
Education: Basic College Degree
Mother Name:?
Fathers Name:?
Net Worth: $1 Million
Monthly Income: 1-2 Lakhs
Device:iPhone 12 Pro
Region: India
Adress: Kolkata
Religion: Muslim
Platform: Youtube
Youtube Joined Apr 13, 2017

Sk Sabir Boss Gameplay

Sk Sabir is Mostly Famous For his professional gameplay.He Represents India at the very top level in the free fire. Many people call him the best freefire player from India regions. Some of His Famous Gameplay Are Placed Below-

Sk Sabir boss Free Fire Achievements
  • First Indian Player To Get 12,000 points in Free Fire
  • First Indian player to Get 10,00o Points in Free Fire
  • First Indian Player To Get in Top 10 in Global Leaderboard
  • One of the highest subscribes gaming youtube from india

Who is the best free fire player in India 2020

Shekh Sabir also known as sk sabir boss is the best free fire player in india 2020. He Has Shocked the free fire world with his amazing gameplay by pushing in global leader boards and representing india.

Sk sabir boss phone number

Sk sabir boss phone number is 9841530289. He Currently Uses Jio Sim Card While Living in Kolkata. He Also Has Many hone Numbers labeled for and friends.

Sk Sabir Boss Social Media


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