GameXpro BGMI ID, Sensitivity, Controls, Stats, and Earnings

When it comes to BGMI Content-creating on Youtube India has a lot of them! Gamexpro is one of them, he is a well-known Youtuber from Indian Gaming community with a huge fan following on his social media platforms. So what is GameXpro BGMI ID, what are his controls and stats? How did he grow this big? What is GameXpro BGMI Stats?

India is a home of a bunch of gaming content creator like Gamexpro who has been able to take advantage of the development of gaming and streaming in India, from growing the channel all alone to nearly 4 million subscribers, Gamexpro is really a legend in BGMI! Well, so this is why we brought this article on GameXpro BGMI ID, Sensitivity, Controls, Stats, and Earnings, where we will let you guys know about his BGMI careers and many more.

Gamexpro BGMI

Ravi Rawat also knows as Gamexpro is an Indian YouTuber/gamer with over 3 million subscribers in his youtube channel and over a half-million followers in his Instagram account. Gamexpro is a BGMI Content creator who uploads gameplays of the game BGMI on his youtube channel. He is mostly known for his voice of BGMI gameplays which get millions of views and he uploads on his youtube channel.

But things were always not the same for Ravi Rawat aks Gamexpro in his gaming career, he started his youtube career wa\y back but he only got his recognition on Youtube in 2020 due to Pubg Mobile. If we look into Gamexpro BGMI career he has been a victim of many controversies from which he has already moved on!

Gamexpro Biography

Real NameRavi Rawat
EarningsApprox 4 Lakhs Per month
Net worth$2 Million

Gamexpro BGMI ID

Gamexpro’s BGMI ID is 5397003232, His BGMI in-game name is Gamexpro official which is an awful name, he does have a second account but he barely plays it so yes this is his account. You can copy the Gamexpro BGMI character ID and paste it in your search box, this way you can send him a friend request or send him some popularity if he is your favorite.

Gamexpro BGMI ID is well decorated, I Mean he does spend a lot of uc buying crazy expensive outfits and skins, he opens to create a lot and has expensive gun skins like 416 Glacier full maxed, it a dream for many BGMI players to have that kind of skins. You can try sending him a friend request who knows he may accept and you guys may even play together anyway!

Gamexpro BGMI Controls

Gamexpro is an iPad player it means Gamexpro BGMI Controls are only suitable for BGMI players who play on iPad! Other players who play on mobile should probably give up as iPad sensitivity are completely different! He plays four fingers on his iPad which is pretty impressive!. If you are an iPad player and want to play an absolute beast like him then you can copy his controls. Gamexpro BGMI Controls image is given below!

GameXpro BGMI Controls

Gamexpro BGMI Sensitivity

Gamexpro is a four finegr+ gyroscope player so his sensitivity is pretty impressive and watchable, the way he plays matches in Gyroscope in his BGMI classics matches with the gyroscope is pretty awesome! Though he plays on the iPad his sensitivity are pretty good for mobile devices. I mean we haven’t seen many iPad players using gyroscope right? anyway if you want Gamexpro BGMI Sensitivity is given below!

Gamexpro BGMI Camera Sensitivity
Gamexpro BGMI ADS Sensitivity
Gamexpro BGMI Gyroscope Sensitivity
Gamexpro BGMI Sensitivity

Gamexpro BGMI KD and Stats

GameXpro has an amazing stats in BGMI, as he is a ipad player he alreay has an advantage over his oppent in classic matches, you can see in his youtube channel to he gets over 20kills in almost ecyr matchs he plays this way you can alreay imaginehow much his kd will be in BGMI.]

We Gamexpro has a kd o 8 in BGMI, that’s an insane amount of kill per death ratio in a mobile game. He is currently in diamond league since it’s just the start of a new season, he may reach ace i a few days too!. His other stats are also too good.

Well anyway thanks for reading this article on GameXpro BGMI ID, Sensitivity, Controls, Stats, and Earnings, if you have any suggestions regarding this article then please let us know through the comments!

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