How to be a Pro player in BGMI? [ Complete Guide]

Being a pro player in BGMI is every BGMI player’s dream, but not anyone can achieve it, This takes a lot of dedication, practice and sacrifices, many gamers cannot achieve this!, well so what should we do to become a pro players in BGMI? how much should we practice, should we change are our playstyle?

This is one of the most requested articles I ever got. How to improve your skills to become a pro player in BGMI, or how to get better at BGMI, Well find out all your queries in this blog on How to be a Pro player in BGMI? [ Complete Guide]

If you ask this question like hey how can I be a pro in BGMI? to anyone they would just say 3 things sarcastically!
Step 1- Get the fastest internet connection possible that turns your ping to 0 ms
Step 2 – Get the most powerful device in the world that can run pubg at 90 FPS, AKA iPad Pro so you can see your 0 KD in 90 FPS
Step 3 – Play claw, now you’ll become a pro player.

Well, these are just the fundamentals of being a pro at BGMI, there are so many more things that you should keep in mind to be better at these games, Contionous dedication, good teammates and their co-operation, a proper device well many more which we will discuss in this blog “How to be pro at BGMI’

How to be Pro at BGMI?

Being pro in BGMI not only means, being able to handle a tough situation properly like in a situation of 1vs4 or during drastic Zone Shift! It also means being consistent at your gameplays, proving your worth everywhere possible, taking many skills, being calm and humble, and also the last thing having a proper game sense!

If you have all these capabilities then you can surely be a pro player at BGMI, don’t worry if you don’t have these already as we are here to explain to you how to be a pro at BGMI it will be a complete guide step by step which you will understand easily.

How to be a pro bgmi player
How to be a pro bgmi player

Jokes aside, this is the fastest way to get better at this game but is it really true, having a good device will actually make you a better player, I mean yes, but actually no, it does not make you a better player immediately, but it sure can help you to be better than before. for example, high-end devices will enable you to achieve the fastest reflexes as possible, or fastest reaction, meaning that you can react to your enemies a lot faster, whereas in mid-range devices you will not able to achieve the same level of reflexes as you would in the high-end device. But you can still make it up for that by using your skills.

so the device may have a huge impact on your gameplay, but you can match it up for that by utilizing your skills, which we will be going through in this article, so in order to get better at this game, you’ll need to learn few things.

Improve Your Aim and Controls

the 1st one is obviously is to improve your aim, or aiming skills, but not just that you’ll also need to improve the recoil controlling along with your reflexes or reaction time, as well as your movements which is also really important and other things as followed such as game sense which kind-a includes experience and better decision making or better-thinking ability on how well do you handle panic situations. But most importantly how to get the most out of your device, even if you have a low-end device or the mid-range ones.So this was one of the best way to be a pro player at BGMI

so start with the aim, aiming is what you do all the time but doing it with the best accuracy is what you need to learn, in order to improve your aim, along with spray controlling. this is divided into 3 different categories close range mid-range long range most of your fights will be taken place in close range and its a very high-risk zone because if you mess up in close range you’ll directly knock and finished immediately whereas in mid-range or long-range you can get away from your enemies but in close range, you can’t so that’s why you need to improve your close combat skills as it will solve your queris on How to be Pro at BGMI. first the fastest way to get better at close range is by playing a lot of Team Death Matches. but not just TDMs, you can also play domination in the arena, as well as the war in arcade this is where you can rapidly improve your aim, recoil controlling and movement.

How to be a pro bgmi player
How to be a pro bgmi player

I recommend disabling aim assist when playing Team Death Matches, so you would improve even further, later enable aim assist when playing classic matches and play as aggressively as possible, try-hard by pushing into the enemies base and show them what you got and when you play aggressively you will move a lot, which will improve your movements but also try to focus on improving your other movements such as crouching, jumping, and drop shot. and try strafing left and right to dodge the bullets also known as jiggle movement

Learning New tips and weapons Skills in BGMI

leaning is something that is always useful at any range, as you start learning you will get your answer on How to be Pro at BGMI .I have seen a lot of players come out of their cover completely in order to shoot at their opponents, for example this, I mean this is okay when there is only one single enemy, but when there are multiple enemies you shouldn’t be doing this. instead, use the lean function to peek either left or right direction depending on the situation, when you lean out from your cover this is what your enemy sees, its insanely powerful as it will make you way harder to hit and the next thing is to improve your hip-fire accuracy, everyone has their own ways of practicing hip-fire but if your a gyroscope player, then the best way to learn how to use gyro for hip-firing is by setting up your ADS sensitivity to 1%, so now you’ll fully rely on gyro. and now practice the new 1% ADS Sensitivity in TDMs to understand how it will help you a lot, but if your not a gyroscope player, then don’t worry you can still learn but you’ll need to do a lot more practice.

Here is a tip to improve hip-fire even further, always aim for the head level or at the neck area, because headshots will do some critical damage to your opponents, and also try to maintain your crosshair at the enemy’s head level, even when the enemy is hiding behind a cover, so you can quickly get an instant headshot when they come out of their cover.

Play TDM Matches [Team Death Matches]

You need to practice all these BGMI Skills in Team Death Matches first to be a pro player in BGMI, in order to create muscle memory or reflex, and then later you can implement them into your classic gameplay sometimes you don’t even realize that you’re doing all these things without knowing, for example, around 1 year ago, I spent so many hours playing Team Death Matches and focusing on improving my hip-fire and crosshair placement, and I’m glad I did that, so now whenever I see an enemy, my crosshair instantly goes on top of the enemy’s head. this is what I would call muscle memory and reflexes, and this can be improved over time by practicing as to be a Pro player in BGMI.

So, I would recommend playing TDM at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in the beginning, and later as you get better you could spend less time in TDM like only up to 10 to 20 minutes, sometimes team deathmatches can be boring, so you can play other modes like domination and war mode as an alternative. so that is this is that I mean I still spend at least 10 minutes each day in TDM in order to warm up before playing classic, and sometimes when I play really bad, I would just play TDMs continuously until I make any Improvements and the next thing is about pre-fire, pre-firing is a great skill to learn, in some situations, it has a huge impact on your close combat skills, and the more you use it, the better you will understand about it.

Practice Pre-fire according to Footstpes in BGMI

The way how most people use pre-fire is when the enemy is holding back to be a Pro player in BGMI, and your pushing in, do it with a pre-fire and if they peek during pre-fire, they most likely end up dying in that pre-fire. and the other one is prediction pre-fire, for example, let’s say you’re expecting your opponent to come from this direction, so you pre-aim, or scope in and start pre-firing and hope that your enemy jumps into your pre-fire and dies.

so that one totally depends on your skills and how good you will able to identify the footsteps so the pre-firing skills will improve along with other skills alright.

Practice and improve Your midrange spray/gameplay in BGMI

Let’s move on to the mid range, this is where you usually start spraying at enemies, so you’ll need to learn how to control recoil, you can’t actually learn mid-range in team deathmatches, so for this, you’ll need to go to training grounds, and pick up your favorite weapon, and get the maximum ammo as possible and climb up on top of this hill. and from here start spraying at the targets, so this is how I learned how to spray and how to control the recoil, but you can always come up with your own way to learn how to control recoil, I already made an article explaining and for the long-range, its also quite similar to mid-range, so you’ll need to learn it along with mid-range in training grounds, and whenever spraying at long-range targets, always remember to use crouch, as it reduces your recoil by up to 20% depending on your weapon.

How to be Pro at BGM

And the sniping and single tapping will also need to be learned in training grounds, so spend as much time as you can in order to learn in the beginning, and play sniper training in the arcade, it will help you a lot with sniping.

Improve Your Movements and Recoil

Now let’s move on to the next topic, movement. movement is something that everyone underestimates, but it’s as important as aim and others, and you don’t want to be like this player, running into a wall in a middle of a gunfight. so how do you improve your movements, during the looting phase you’ll move around a lot, so this is where you need to pay attention and start practicing your precision movements. move around in the buildings perfectly without touching a single wall and also don’t get stuck in any objects when looting, running into a wall or failing to quickly navigate into a building is often be the reason you lose a fight, and it will significantly slow you down. and also try to create spatial awareness while you’re moving around.

For example, I can go through this door without even looking at it, by just using spatial awareness, and movement also includes crouching, jumping, proning and strafing left and right to dodge I already made a dedicated article on all these things in a more detailed way.

Try improving Your Gamesense

Now talking about game sense you can improve your game sense in BMI by playing t3 customs and tournaments, but what is game sense, its more like common sense but in-games, and it takes really long time to improve it. the game sense will help you create strategies and the players have to think of tactics and make a quick decision on how they should attack their opponents so how do you improve your game sense, it totally depends on your ability to process information and the situation around you, and then use that information to make the most effective play.

Usually, you can improve this just by naturally playing the game but it would take a really really long time, so the other way is to watch professional players and learn from them by making note of what they do and why they do things the way they do You can think of your game sense as your game IQ, Having good game sense enables you to beat other players that have an advantage on you but you can outsmart and outplay them by using your game sense.

So, let me give you an example of how you can use your game sense, so this is an early game, and there is an enemy next to my building, and I can hear that player coming upstairs, so I pre-aimed at this door, because that player will most likely to enter in this room to loot, and as soon as I started hearing louder footsteps sound, i started my pre-fire and luckily the enemy got into my pre-fire so this is how I use my game sense so why do you need to use this, if your phone only supports up to medium frame rates, then you’re at a massive disadvantage because most of the guns shoot slower in that fps.

Use GFX Tool For BGMI to Unlock better FPS

Using GFX tool in BGMI will help you gain the locked fps setting and eventually improve your gameplay and help you be a pro player in BGMI. So, this is why I highly recommend you to use the GFX tool to unlock a better fps option. and also if your playing in medium frame rates, most of the weapons like m416 and AKM shoot slower in that fps option, this is a huge problem for low-end device players so that’s why using a GFX tool will fix some of that problems. so install the most downloaded GFX tool from play store with the highest reviews as possible, and then now open that app, select your version, and now in the resolution, select the lowest resolution as possible and then now unlock fps.

How to be Pro at BGM
How to be Pro at BGM

Suppose if your phone only supports up to medium fps, then you could unlock high fps, but don’t even try to unlocking 60 fps your device can’t handle it. so only unlock 1 higher frame rate option, for example, if your device supports only up to medium, unlock high fps, and if your device only supports up to high fps, then unlock ultra fps, similarly if your device supports ultra fps, then unlock 60 fps, so this is how you should be unlocking fps, instead of going directly to 60 fps as it could cause overheating and more lag. and here is the rest of the settings for the GFX tool.

I would put every graphics settings to the lowest as possible in order to get more fps. there is a lot of rumors saying that using the GFX tool could get you banned, so use it at your own risk, I personally used the GFX tool when I had an android phone, I always select the lowest graphic settings in order to get more stable fps, I know the graphics look really terrible but its always a better choice to sacrifice some your graphics in order to get more fps, as it can improve your gaming experience by a lot.

so that is this because fps can change a lot of things, like the firing rate of a weapon, and recoil controlling, and damage output, and a lot of other things.

Improve Your Internet Connection to play BGMI In better Ping

Next thing is your internet connection or MS or ping, i never had any issues with ping because my Wi-Fi or internet was really good, I always get 20 MS since the beginning of the game, if your ping is below 100 then its good, but if its below 50, then its really really good. and I know most of you use mobile data, to play pub g I sometimes I do play on mobile data but I still get a good ping, here is a tip to get the best ping as possible, go to training grounds or cheer park. and now roam around in your entire home, and try to find a certain place that gives you the lowest ping or lowest ms, maybe near windows, but for me personally, I always find that balcony gives me the lowest ping as possible. it changes from over 100 MS to around 30-40 MS on the balcony,

This is something that you can do to improve your internet connection by finding the best network signals in your home.

Some quires related to blog

Do device matter in BGMI?

Yes, devise matters in your BGMI performance, if you want to become a pro-BGMI player then you better high-end devices like iPhones or OnePlus as these devices give you better FPS and gives you an advantage over other players. So if you are thinking to be an esports player better play on ios devies!

Well, these were the article on How to be Pro at BGMI complete step by step, hope this article will help you be better at BGMI and make you a good player!. So thanks for reading How to be a Pro player in BGMI, if you have any suggestions regarding the article well, let us know through comments!

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