How To Play Fau-G [A Detailed Guide To Play Fau-G]


 Fau-G Game is Set to be The Best Indian Games Ever Made. This game Has Broke All Record At The Very Start of Its Launched date. Fau-g Games Has Already crossed Thousands of Download in Both App Store and PlayStore.

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Since Fau-g Just Got Launched Everyone is A Beginners in This Game, So, How Can We Play Fau-g, How To be Pro in Fau-g.Get Detailed Tips and Tricks and its in-game Knolwdege About FAU G and In This Detailed Guide To play Fau-G.


Fau-G Game

Fau-g is an Indian Game Developed by Encore Games PVT LTD. This game is based on Shooting, Fighting, and surviving. These Games Have Amazing Graphics and Gameplays. You Can Play This Game on Both Device Like Your Android And Ios.
Fau-g Game First Came To Attention after The Ban of Pubg Mobile In India.As it Was Revealed Just After the day by The Game’s Brand Ambassador’s Akshay Kumar in His Offical Twitter Handel.
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How To Play Fau-G

Fau-G is Super Cool And Very Easy To Play. You Don’t Actually Need Any kind of guides to play these games as it has basic settings.
Still, If You Want To Be The Best Player in Fau-g in The Very First Minute You Can Read This A Detailed Guide To Play Fau-G where we will teach you how To Play Fau-G step by Step. So let’s Get Started.

You Cal Play Fau-g on Both Mobile.If You Want To Play on Pc You Will Need Emulator and on mobile You Can Download Fau-g on Both App Store Play Store and Even Apk From Different Websites. After You Install The Game It Will Asko You Create A Account or Connect With Google/Facebook. You Can Choose Your Preferred Account And Move Forward.
After That, You Will Be On The Loading Page of Fau-g, And Your Journey Towards Being Pro in Fau-g Starts. You Can Play Online But We Prefer You go to First At The Training Mode.

A Detailed Guide To Play Fau-G

Fau-G Games has Various Modes But First We Prefer You go to First At The Training Mode although You Can Play Online but Before Playing Online Just Get Used To Your Controls And Understand the Game.
Fau-g Training Mode Has Amazing Interface And Crazy Drills That You Can Learn in Fau-G. You Choose Your Gun and Start Practising Your Aim and Shooting. You Can Also Choose Your Preferred Controls.
After You Complete Training Mode And Get Enough Idea of Your Control, You Can Start Fau-g Story Mode Which will automatically Tell You How You Can Play Fau-g Game.
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You, Will, Have Different Stories to play which will be unlocked by levels, You will also have to complete as many missions as possible to get Rewards and Advance Forward.
The Best Things about Fau-g is Its Different Story, They are Not Only  Fun to play but also amazing Learn about Indian soldiers. The Game’s story will teach you about the difficulties of Indian soldiers.

Fau-G Graphics

Fau-g Has The Best Graphics that I have ever seen in any Indian Games. You Can Run These Game Up to Hd If You Have A Good Device That Supports These Kinds Of Graphics.
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There Are Many Garhices Settings There Which You Can Choose According To Your Preference. However, The Game Doesn’t Have Realistic Graphics Which is Very Sad.

Fau-G Settings And Controls

Fau-G Game Has One Best Customizable Settings and Controls Ever in Game. You Can Literally Change All The Controls According To Your Wish. There is Trsnsperency EveryWhere.
You Can Adjust Everything From Controls To Audio, From Graphics To Fps, There Is Noting That You Can Not Cosutimize. Fau-g Has Really Done A Great Job in This Segments of The Game.

Fau-G Gameplay

You Can Experience Various Types of Gameplays in Fau-g Like There is StoryMode, A shotting Battle and More Mode. The Most Famous And Best One is Story Mode.
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In Story Mode There Will Be A Pre Written Story, Where You Will Be At The border of India where you have to save the country from enemy attacks and complete Various missions.

Fau-g In-game Items

Fau-g Have Cool In-game Items That You Can Purchase Through In-game. Unlike Other Games, You Can Buy Cool Amazing Stuff for very cheap in Fuu-g.
This game also has a cool idea to increase its in-game sales, they have said that 20% of the revenue of the game will be donated to Bharat k Veer Aka The Death Soldiers Family.
Fau-g Really Holds A Great Initiative to support the Soldiers Family. 

Fau-g Requirements

  • Above Android 5.1 and ios 10 Android And Ios 
  • 2GB of Ram For Android
  • 200 Mb FreeStorage
  • 30 Hertz Display.

Is Fau-g Game Only Available For Indians?

Fau-g is A Free For All. You Can Download This Amazing Game from Playstore and App Store World Wilde And Enjoy The Beautiful game.
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Fau-g Game is More Like A Shooting And Surviving Game. Fau-g Fans Expected The Games Would Be battel royale But Never Mind. 
Fau-g Game Got More Attention than It Needed at the early Stage. It Bloomed The Internet For Couple of Days. It Even Got in Some Countorversy Like The Copied Name And Poster.
Some People Believed That Fau-g Game Was Copied From The Game Game Pubg. Both The Name Sounds Similar And It Was Just Announced After The Pubg Ban. Many Indians Hyped of Saying “It’s Worst That Banning A Weel Known Popular Game in Your Country And Bring their own Same Copied Game in The Country “.


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