iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Fps, Graphics [iPad Pro M1]

iPad Pro 2021 Has been launched by Apple in May 2021 with crazy specifications. These specs of the new iPad pro m1 are an absolute beast for Pubg mobile and other mobile games! Find out all about iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Fps, Graphics in this blog.

iPad Pro 2021 Pubg

So how much fps does iPad Pro 2021 gives in PUBG Mobile? Whats the maximum graphics? can iPad Pro 2021 run pubg in 120Fps.


Pubg Mobile is a high-end game that requires a huge performance for the best experience on the gamer. At the current moment, only iPad Pro 2021 has the specs to do so. iPad Pro 2021 gives the highest possible Pubg fps in non-console/pc device.

Apple’s iPad has always been dominating the tablet market with crazy specs that no other toilet tablets can even come close to. The same comes in gaming iPad Pro 2021 is the best tablet for Pubg mobile giving 90fps in the highest of settings.

iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Mobile

iPad Pro 2021 is an absolute beast for Pubg Mobile with its new processor the apple m1 the tablet is undisputable in Gaming giving it the console type power in Tablet. You can run the game in the highest of settings and play for hours without feeling any lag, fps drop, or heating in Pubg Mobile.

Game Pubg Mobile
Maximum FPS 120FPS
Graphics 8K
Battery 9 Hours of Continuous Gaming

The iPad Pro 2021 has one of the best displays in a non-console/pc device. The new Liquid Retina IPS LCD display makes the game more enhanced, clear and gives the gamer/user more fun and excitement to play Pubg mobile. It even increases the color saturation which helps to spot enemies in Pubg Mobile

iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Mobile gameplay is smooth af as Octa-core Processor from the apple mac book is invincible. You will get constant 90fps in ultra HD without facing any lag or heating. It gives the performance of a computer on a tablet

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iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Fps

iPad Pro 2021 is able to handel Pubg Mobile in 120 fps smoothly. However due to ristictions of Tencent games, The ipad pro will only be able to give You 90fps support as There wil be no oprion’s for 120fps.

We may see iPad Pro 2021 being able to Play Pubg mobile in 120 fps in the near future if Pubg mobile will bring any update on the adaptation of 120 fps in Pubg Global Verison.

In the Chinese version of this game, Pubg mobile runs in120fps in iPad Pro 2021. You can see that here

iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Mobile 120 FPS Gameplay

We don’t know why is Pubg mobile not bringing this update in the global version aa a device like iPad Pro 2021 can easily support these games!

iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Graphics

iPad Pro 2021 is the only device that can Play Pubg mobile in the maximum Graphics which is 8k. By 8k we mean Pure clear realistic graphics with millions of clear pixels that only support the new liquid retina display of the iPad pro.

If You get access to 120 Fps You will be able to get the true feel of Pubg Mobile in Pad Pro 2021. You will have many advantages over your opponents and can be an absolute beast and can rank push easily!

iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Graphics are Ultra HD in Default. We would recommend You to Play the game in Ultra Hd with realistic mode on 90Fps. In This Way, You can take the best experience of Pubg Mobile in The best Tablet Moment Right Now.

Watch iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Graphics

iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Sensitivity

Here are the best sensitivity for ipad pro 2021. If you put the Perfect sensitivity according to your gameplay and needs

iapd pro 2021 pubg sensitivity

These are the basic sensitivity for ipad pro 2021. We prefer you to make some changes in it according to your comfortability and gameplay.

Pros and Cons of iPad Pro M1

Based on Experience!


  • 120FPS 
  • Longer Battery 
  • Best Graphics in 8k
  • No Heating


  • Too Big Screen
  • Not allowed in Scrims/Tournaments
  • Expensive
  • Decreases Fair Play among the Players

Some Queries on iPad Pro 2021 Pubg Fps!

Can iPad Pro 2021 Play Pubg in 120FPS?

No, There is No option for 120 fps in Pubg mobile for any device. iPad pro is capable of playing the game in 120fps but tencent has not yet launched an update for 120 fps gameplay in iPad pro 2021. However You can use the 120fps config for ipad pro 2021 to play Pubg in 120fps.

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