Maxtern BGMI [ Id, Sensitivity, controls, and Stats]

BGMI has given India al lot of content creators, there are thousand of BGMI content creators and Maxtern is one of them, he has been able to stay one of the most consistent Indian Youtubers. So What is Maxtern BGMI Id? what are his Gyroscope controls and Maxtern’s sensitivity?

Maxtern is a great BGMI player he is also one of the officials of the game who promotes it on various platforms, fans love maxtern for his amazing entertaining attitude and his wholesome content in his youtube channel! Maxtern has always been a top Indian gamer since 2020. So who is he actually n real life well, find out all in this blog on Maxtern BGMI [ Id, Sensitivity, controls, and Stats]

Maxtern BGMI

Maxtern is a BGMI Content creator/YouTuber from India with over a million subscribers in his youtube channel who has been one of the most entertaining gamers from India!. He uploads BGMI gameplay with commentaries on his youtube channel! If you haven’t watched Maxterns Battleground Mobile India Gameplay then you have seriously missed something crazy. He is literally known for his comedy BGMI Videos. Have a look at Masters BGMI gameplay here.

As you can see in the above video he is a great BGMI player overall with his videos he has earned millions of fans in South Asia. He is also one of the most famous gamers from India.

Maxterns BGMI Biography

Real Name Sagar Thakur
RegionSouth Asia
BGMI ID594387287
HobbyFootball, writing
Net Worth$2 Million+
Monthly Earnings$10k+

Maxtern BGMI ID

Maxtern’s BGMI ID is 594387287, this is his only BGMI character id, you can send him a friend request in his BGMI account as he does checks his request every day!, So yes there is a one in a hundred chance if he accepts your BGMI friend request but who know he does, if he does You guys can play together! if you don’t know how? well just copy the given Maxtern’s BGMI Character id and paste it in the paste character id section.

Maxtern BGMI ID has so many cool dramatic items and skins which everyone dreams of. He spends thousands of dollars in order to enjoy the game for expensive skins like Glacier and Gozilla suits. Hi, the account is well decorated with amazing skins and titles that every BGMI player dreams of.

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Maxtern BGMI Sensitivity

Maxtern is a four-finger claw + Gyroscope player, that’s why he has a little complicated BGMI sensitivity!, However it not that hard so yes yo can master Maxtern BGMI sensitivity easily if you practice well. This sensitivity will be perfect if you are a gyroscope player in IOS. Maxtern BGMI Sensitivity is Given below!

Maxtern BGMI Sensitivity

Maxtern BGMI Camera Sensitivity

  • 3RD Person No scope -165
  • Red Dot – 35%
  • 3X Scope – 31%
  • 2X Scope – 27%
  • 4x Scope 81%
  • 6x Scope – 9%
  • 8X Scope – 9%
Maxtern BGMI Sensitivity

Maxtern BGMI Gyroscope Sensitivity

  • 3RD Person No scope -165
  • Red Dot – 235%
  • 3X Scope – 231%
  • 2X Scope – 127%
  • 4x Scope 281%
  • 6x Scope – 88%
  • 8X Scope – 45%
Maxtern BGMI Sensitivity

Maxtern BGMI Control

Maxtern is a Gyroscope player who uses both fire buttons and two peaks and fire buttons!. His BGMI Controls will help you to learn the quick scope and prone shoot, it will also make your sprays accurate, so yes before you copy Maxtern BGMI Controls make sure you are a gyroscope player else it will be hard for you to get used to it.

Maxtern BGMI Control is Given Below!

Maxtern BGMI Controls

Maxtern BGMI KD and Stats

Maxtern is a BGMI content creator so he mostly plays classic matches only, that is why he has great stats as he plays the classic games almost all day. He has a KD of 5 in BGMI in the ace league which is pretty hard to secret, his headshot percentage, average survival, and average win ratio all are in great shape. Overall Maxtern is a good BGMI player, so why not get a chance to play, You can send him a friend request in Maxtern BGMI ID given below!

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