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Gaming In Nepal Has Not Developed Much. It Is Still in Developing Process. But There Are Still Some Players From Nepal, Who Are Seeing Carrer in Gaming. MR Hyozu Is One Of The. Mr. Hyozu Is A Gaming Superstar From Nepal.

Mr. Hyozu has Now Finally Been The Second Most Subscribed gaming Channel From Nepal. He is one of the most Loved Guy in the Nepalese Community.Find out All about Mr Hyzou,His Stats, And His Pubg Id in This Complete Biography.Mr Hyozu [Biography , Pubg Id , And Stats ]

Mr Hyozu

Mr. Hyozu Also Known As Safal Hyozu is Nepali Gamer And Streamer From Nepal. Born on April 14 1997 in Butwal, Nepal Mr. Hyozu is The Owner And Leader of Nepal’s Biggest Pubg Mobile Esports Organization Elementrix.Mr. Hyozu is One of The Few People From Nepal Who Has Made A Carrer in Gaming.

Mr. Hyozu  Biography

Mr. Hyozu is The First Ever Gamer From Nepal. He First Started His Carrer From Pubg Mobile. He Was one of Thr First Person To Start Streaming Pubg Mobile Game in Nepal. It Was Obviously Hard To Strat First Because He Could Not Get Good Watching of Pubg Mobile.

Mr Hyozu Was in the USA When He Started Streaming Pubg Mobile. He Streamed 4 To 5 Hours A Day And Also Managed His Studies in the USA. He Started Streaming As An Part-Time Work. Mr Hyozu Would Get 50 To 60 Watching in Beginning Carrer on Youtube.

Mr Hyozu Biography

In 2019 Mr. Hyozu Returned To Nepal From the USA, Completing All His Studies And Started Focusing in Gaming Carrer. Pubg Mobile Esports Was Also Slowing Coming In Nepal At That Time. Although India Had Many Tournaments in 2018 Nepal Had No Offical Tournaments Of Pubg Mobile Esports.

In 2019 There Was A First-Ever Pmco. Nepali Teams Like Hype, Elementrix, Tdp, C2W Etc Also Participated. They Were Giving The Wildcard Regions. But Unfortunately, They Didn’t Qualify.

There Was Another Pmco Fall Split, This Time They Were Representing South Asia, They Played Well, It Was Tough Though But Still, They Managed To Qualified For PMCO South Asia Finals Where They Competed Against the Best Indian Teams. And That Were Mr. Hyozu Rise Started, They Played Amazing And Proved Their Selves. Many India And Nepalese Started Knowing Him.

After This His Gaming Carrer Took An Amazing Turn, He Got Good Watching in His Live streams. In 2020 There Was Next Pmco South Asia. They Performed Amazing, They Became The First Nepali Team To Go Back To Back in Pmco South Asia Finals.

Mr. Hyozu Summary

  • Full Name – Mr. Hyozu
  • In-game Name – EXMRHyozu
  • Clan/Team – Elementrix
  • Team Mates – Orange, Nang
  • Profession – Gamer/Streamer
Mr Hyozu Biography

Now Mr. Hyozu is the Ruling Nepali Gaming Community. He Gets 2k+ Watching in His Most of His Recent Livestreams Which is Not Bad For An Nepali Gamer. He Has Over 100k+ Suscribers in His Youtube Channel. He is Only The Few Who Completed That Achievements From Nepal. He is Also One of The Entertainers From Nepal. He Plays  Guitar And Sing Songs Vey Well.

Mr. Hyozu is Undoubtedly One of The Most Had Working Guy on Nepali Gaming Community. He Deserves What He Has Now. We Can Learn Various Things from Mr. Hyozu Pubg Mobile Biography.

Mr Hyozu Net Worth

Hyozu Has a Net Worth of $10,000. He Earns From Various Sources, But His Major Source of Income is Esports Tournaments.

  • Streams
  • Esewa/Khalti
  • Superchat
  • Youtube Ads
  • Sponsorship
  • Esports

Mr Hyozu Achievements

  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split 2020: South Asia – 13th
  • PUBG Mobile Pro League -Spring Split 2020:South Asia Finals – 10th
  • PUBG Mobile Pro League -Spring Split 2020:South Asia League-14th
  • Gamers Without Borders 2020: Asia – 10th
  • PMPL – Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 2 – 5th
  • GamingForGood – Charity Tourney – 3rd
  • PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019 – 7th
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split 2020: South Asia – 6th
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia – 10th
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: Wildcard – 7th

Mr Hyozu pubg id

The Pubg Id of Mr. Hyozu is 540053518. His InGame Name is ExMrHyOzu.

Mr. Hyozu Real Name

The Real Name of Mr. hyozu is Safal hyozu. He is Know As Mr. Hyozu in Only Nepali Gaming Community.

Parents From Nepal Think Playing Gaming is Waste of Time And We Do Not Have Any Carrer in Gaming. It’s Genuine That Why Would They Even Support. In Nepal, We Have a Very Few Population And Very Less Viewers Ship on Youtube. So Nepali Gamers Have Problem To Be Adjust in This Online World.

Gaming in Nepal is Increasing Very Slowly. Even Before Pubg Mobile Launched in Nepal. There Was 0% Carrer in Gaming In Nepal. Because of Pubg Mobile Nepali Streamers Like Mr. Hyozu, OnTop, 4k Gaming Nepal Mr. Juniior And Many Others Nepali Streamers Are Getting Opportunities in Nepali Gaming Sector.

Gamers From Nepal Are very Few, We Can Only See 1 Out of 100 People From Nepal Succeding To Make Their Carrer in Gaming. Mr. Hyozu is One of The Main Reasons For Esports Growing in Nepal. So let’s Get To Know Mr. Hyozu [ Pubg Id, Stats And Trophies ].

Mr Hyozu
Mr hyozu Social Media.


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