Phones That Support 90 fps in Pubg [New Updated Phones 2021]

Playing Pubg mobile in 90 Fps is Still a dream for many Pubg mobile players Out There, Only some of the few Players e get to witness this amazing feeling. But there are not so many devices that support 90 fps in Pubg Mobile. In the Chinese version of Pubg mobile, the 90 fps support was released way before.

All the Pubg mobile players want to play 90 FPS, But they can’t. Pubg mobile has given 90 fps support only in the few selected device. Not even in iPhone 12 Pro max (the fastest Phone on The planet).

Phones That Support 90 fps in Pubg

So What are the Mobile phones that support 90 fps in Pubg in 2021, are there any apps that can help you, Well find out all in this complete blog on 90 fps In Pubg mobile, and the different ways that will help you unlock it.

Pubg mobile 90 fps supported devices

Here is the complete list of Device that supports 90 fps in Pubg mobile
  • Oneplus 7 
  • Oneplus 7t 
  • One Plus 7T PRO
  • Xiaomi Mi 10T
  • Xiaomi Mi 11
  • Oneplus 8 
  • Oneplus 8 Pro
  • BlackShark 3s
  • Asus Rog Phone 3
These Were the Mobile Phones that support 90 Fps. There are so many other devices that can support 90 fps in Pubg mobile but Tencent games have not given access due to various reasons In Fact Pubg mobile made a contract with one plus that lets only one plus device to gain access to Pubg mobile 90fps which will make fans to purchase one plus products.

It’s True that there is not even a single ios mobile phone that doesn’t support 90fps, that’s because apples iPhone doesn’t come with a higher refresh rate.iPhone 12,iphoen11 all these models have 60 Hertz screen while you need minium 90hertz screen to run 90fps in Pubg Mobile.

Have a look at the Ipad/Tablets that too Support 90 fps in Pubg Mobile.
  • Ipad Pro 2018 Model
  • Ipad Pro 2020 Model
  • Huawei MatePad 5G
These are the only few tablets that support 90 fps in Pubg Mobile, in Fact only two ios device in this entire list of pubg mobile 90 fps supported devices.

Pubg Mobile 90 Fps

The 90fps in Pubg mobile was introduced by Pubg in 2020, Nearly three years after the release of this game, What did it take this long for pubg Pubg mobile to bring the new fps.

It’s Not Common for mobile games to have 90 FPS, Yes consoles and Pc have many games with higher fps but mobile games not really, There are very few mobile phones in the market with a refresh rate of 90hertz of higher.

Pubg mobile is one of the very few mobile games with 90F ps, But you can play only on pubg mobile 90 fps supported devices, I mean Pubg mobile has selected only a few devices that have access to 90 fps in Pubg.

So, are there any methods that we can use to play Pubg mobile in 90fps if we do not have any pubg mobile 90 fps supported devices, Well yes, You can use the tool like config file, GFX Tools, Game Guardian, and many more third-party tools 

Pubg mobile 90 fps config

Pubg mobile 90 F90 fps Config file manipulates the in-game file of Pubg mobile, which allows you to access 90fps settings in your device which was Blocked by Pubg mobile.In the current context, much pubg mobile use this method as this is the best/most relevant way to play 90fps in Pubg Mobile.

However, this trick is not safe , as Changing the code of the game is completely against the guidelines of Pubg mobile, It almost like you are cracking/hacking the games, and Pubg mobile warns all the players not to do so, So if you love your account and don’t want to lose it, It’s better to stay away from it although you don’t have a 90 fps pubg mobile 90 fps supported devices.

Pubg mobile 90 fps config File Download

Pubg mobile 90 fps config File is available on the open-source on the internet on various websites, but 90% of them are fake or it doesn’t work, If you still want to take risk of your account and play 90fps using config file you can get it hereUse it at your own risks.

GFX Tool for Pubg Mobile 90fps

Graphics Tool also known as Gfx tools is third-party software that is banded by Pubg mobile can be used to unlocked 90fps in Pubg Mobile. These tools also change the game codes of the game.

It’s Not completely dangerous to use GFX tools as only 50% of people using it get banned, but it still not worth taking risks. Using the Gfx tool is the best way to unlock 90fps in Pubg if you don’t have a device that supports 90 fps supported in pubg mobile.

Here is the List of best GFX Tools That You Can Use 
Note: Please Do Not use any of this file/tools while playing competitive tournaments as it may lead to a permanent ban in Pubg mobile esports.

If You Find Any issue using this tool or using the config file please let us know in the comments we will try our best to fix it, So you can enjoy 90fps easily.

How to Unlock 90 fps in Pubg Mobile

Unlocking 90 fps in Pubg is really easy if your device supports 90 fps, You can use various 3rd part software like GFX TOOLS or you can download pubg mobile 90 fps config Files but To support 90 fps a phone must have a good processor and a 90-hertz refresh rate screen if Your phone does not have these there is no work of unlocking 90fps as the games will give you the output of 60fp.

Happy Gaming

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