PMCO North America 2021 Registration (How to register for PMCO NA 2021)

PMCO North America registration has started by Pubg mobile officials on the registration Website, Pubg mobile teams from America, Canada, and Costa Rica can register for Pmco North America while Mexico has been their own PMCO Called PMC0 Mexico 2021.

PMCO North America 2021 Registration has started and if you have any problem filling the form you can read this complete Guide where we teach you how you can register for PMCO Na 2021. Players from North America are requested to follow all the restrictions and regulations of Pubg mobile esports

PMCO North America 2021

PMCO North America 2021 will start from February and end in March, The players have to go through online qualifiers, group stages, and finals.

PMCO North America 2021 Registration

PMCO North America 2021 Registration was started from 1st January to 24th January. This time Pubg mobile has given enough time for the players from NA to register for these prestigious tournaments, The registration is open 24/7 on the website of can visit the site and register your squad!! Any Problem tries the method given below!!

All the teams from North American countries except Mexico will have to follow the same process for PMCO North America 2021 Registration. You Will just need to provide the country’s citizenship you have.

This Registration is only for the new teams as the old teams get invite for the group stages of Pmco North America 2021.Follow each step properly without any errors so that you may not fac any problem in the future

How to register for Pmco North America 2021

  • is the website were PMCO North America 2021 Registration is done
  • Open The Website (This Is How The Page Will Look
Note: Area With * Must Be Filled
  • Add Your Team Name 
  • Set Your Region To North America
  • Now If You Are the team Captan the fill in your Name, Email, Discord, Nationality, and character id
  • Now do this same method with the rest of your Three players
  • Tick Mark in the box if you have fifth Player
  • One You Are Done and all sure with the information you have provided are all the policies and click submit. 
After You Fill The Form You Will get a mail-in You in-game inbox, where you will be provided all the essential information you need for the next steps to play online qualifiers

The registration process is quite easy and completely free, All the players must read the requirements to play this tournament.

If There is any issue filling the registration from for PMCO North America 2021, please do not hesitate to contact us via comments or our contact us Page.

Requirements for Pmco 2021 registration

  • Must be above Platinum tier in season rankings
  • Must be an active Pubg Accounts
  • At least 3 Players Must be from the same region
  • Duplicate registration not allowed
  • Must have a compatible age to play esports
  • Using tablets /emulator Not Allowed
  • No any external apps allowed during the tournaments
  • At least 4 Players needed for registration an additional member can be added as a substitute.
If You meet these requirements you are all set to register for PMCO North America 2021.

PMCO North America 2021 

PMCO North America is one of the best regions for pmco in the history of Pubg mobile, Team wildcard, and Execute are one of the big names from these regions. Pmco North America 2021 will be a worth to watch tournaments this year.

The online qualifiers of PMCO North America 2021 will start from January 26th this won’t be broadcasted, but the next stage “Group Stages” Will start from the February 2020 which will be broadcasted on Pubg mobile esports officials.

Invited Teams For PMCO North America 2021

  • Wildcard Gaming 
  • The Unnamed
  • HQA Gaming
  • Simplicity
  • Pittsburgh Knights
Note: These teams are invited by Pubg mobile based on their rankings on Previous PMCO 2020, There will be more teams who will be invited for Pmco 2021 Na Group Stages.

How To Play PMCO North America 2021

The New Pmco of North America can be played via doing registration on gesportsdata,its completely free for all you need is a Four man Squad from the same region and a mobile phone.

Watch Pmco North America 2021 on 

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