Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File Download [IOS and Android]

Pubg Mobile is one of the very best Games of The Generation, It has made sure to entertain its fans by providing new updates and events every new Week. However, The update of Pubg Mobile 120 Fps Remains silent Yet. There is no way Pubg Mobile is bringing this update soon, so the config file has been made by the third party provides in order to enjoy 120 Fps in PUBG Mobile in Global Version!

So, To play Pubg Mobile in 120fps You Need to download Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File, which is available in this article

The 120 Fps Config File for Pubg Mobile is free to download and 100% Working, You can use it to get access of 120fps in pubg MObile and experience one of the most smoothness in the game. This may also give you an advantage over Other Players.

Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File
Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File

Pubg Movile is a high-end game that requires a good device for the game to run smoothly and properly. Low-end devices are barely able to handle this Game. Despite Being a high-end game and required a high-end device to play, Pubg Mobile is failing to give us 120 fps.

Note: Use of Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File May lead to a permanent Ban of Your Account!

Since the arrival of Pubg Mobile in 2018, the game is been into one of the fan-favorite games and most played games in many Part of the regions, This is mainly because how good the game and its concept is. Also, We can deny the fact that Tencent brings various amazing new updates/ Events that keep us attached to the game like the Godzilla event, Ramadan Event, etc.

Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File

Pubg Mobile 120 FPS Config File is a free-to-download file through many open source websites. This file helps you to play the game in 120fps on certain Devices. You, Will, be able to get one of the best experiences of The game as the smoothness of 120fps in Pubg Mobile is something else!

Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File

The Pubg Mobile 120 Fps Config files are made in such a way that it can bypass the third praty file scanner of the game and helps you to enjoy 120fps without banning Your account! The files are written in Java and css.

The config file uses special coding software that can combine with the in-game graphics file itself and easily bypass Tencent security.

Watch Some Pubg Mobile 120fps Gameplay!

Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File Download For Android

Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File Download in android is very simple as compared to ios as You can simply download the file in the game’s directory and start using 120 fps.

You should just past the file in Your game Folder However, Google may detect the file from preventing it to download, or maybe if you have any antivirus software in your mobile phone it may prevent the 120fps config file from being merged to the config file!

Requirements and Device

  • The Device Must Have the latest version of Android.
  • Must have a 120hz screen.
  • Compataible with Snapdragon 888, 865,870, Krirn 990E, and Exynos 9609.
  • Rooted/Non-Rooted Doesn’t matter.

Download Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File For Android from the link given below

Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File Download For IOS (ipad)

The download process of Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File Download For ios is different and difficult as iPhone does not let any third party files get combines with the original files if done so ios will give an error from the backend app not responding so to solve it you must download an app called file explorer for ios through the app store.

After that, it is the same process as android just download the file and paste it in the directory of App store

Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File

Requirements and Devices

  • Can Be used with IOS 15, IOS 14, and IOS 13
  • Ipad Pro M1, iPad air 10.9 inch, and Ipad Pro 2020
  • Cannot be used in iPhone

Download Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File For IOS From the link given below

Pubg Mobile 120fps Config File for Kr Version

The config file for KR version is the same as the Global version you don’t need different files for these versions. You can use the same file and it can still work 100%. In KR Version the 120 fps config runs the best due to the smoothness of the game. You can download Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File for KR version from the above link

File NameConfig File
Size118 Bytes
GamePubg Mobile
VersionChinese, Kr, and Global
Written inJAVA and C++
Total Downloads Yet1.9k
Function120FPS Unlock in Pubg Mobile

Note: The following app you are about to download is not authorized by Tencent so it may lead to banning of Your Pubg Mobile account permanently so use it at your own risk

How to Use Pubg Mobile 120fps Config File?

After You download the config file paste it into your Obb of the game folder ie through the file manager after you do that make sure to delete the original graphics folder as it does not overwrite itself. You need to rename the folder to graphics obb and then run the game!

What is Pubg Mobile 120Fps Config File?

Pubg Mobile 120fps Config File is a third-party config file written in Java and c++ which connects with the game file after you download it, it merges with your in-game graphics file and overwrites the game default graphics program providing you the 120fps support which was not originally made by Tencent Games.

Do Pubg Mobile Config File Work?

Yes, the config file made for Pubg Mobile works if the file is written in Proper language, It works if You download from legit sources, They give you access to 120FPS/90FPS if your devices support it!

If due to any reason Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File Download doesn’t work please let us know through comments we will update the file as soon as possible.

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