Pubg Mobile 90fps Config file download For android and Ios

After years of the launch of this game, 90FPS is finally available in some of the supported devices like one plus, Samsung, and Realme, however, there are so many other 90fps supported devices but Pubg mobile has not given them the access, in that case, you can use Use pubg mobile 90fps config file. This is the best and easy way to play Pubg mobile on 90FPS.

There are many complications while using this file, which we will discuss more in this blog of Pubg Mobile 90fps Config file download for both android and ios. We all know how many advantages we will have over our enemies if we play in higher FPS. The smoothness of the game will be next level.

Despite having the potential services Pubg Mobile has still not given 90FPS to all the devices, which is curled as having a high device and not being able to experience the game in the best way possible is bad? I mean why only one plus user gets 90FPS right? Well so to fix that problem there is the config file for Pubg Mobile to unlock 90FPS but the question is

How do we download the Pubg Mobile 90FPS Config File? Well, that’s simple read the entire article.

Pubg Mobile 90fps Config file

Pubg Mobile 90FPS Config file is a Java file complied in c++, it is made by the third-party developers in order to change the in-game code and force the game to give 90 Fps access for supported devce, the types are not made by developers of the game, rather it is made by the fans of these game who have good knowledge in game programming.

The 90FPS config files iterate through the in-game code and get access to the script which has been hidden by the game develops, This file is available for both android and ios and can be used easily without any complications in all the 90FPS Supported devices.

It’s silly how 9FPS is still not supported in ubg Mobile as the diffenr veriosn of this game like game for peace already had this option few years ago!

Pubg Mobile 90fps Config file download

Pubg Mobile 90fps Config file download

It is very easy to download the 90fps config file and it’s free, you just need to install the file in Your in-game folder to use it, once you made sure the file is pasted in your game folder remove your game from the ram and restart the game, after that you will have 90FPS completely working in Your device!

The Pubg Mobile 90FPS Confing file can be used in all devices like iPhone,iPad, emulator and android, so it doesn’t matte which device you use you jus tneed to change the ingame folder and you are all set to go.

File NameConfig File
Size1008 Bytes
GamePubg Mobile
VersionChinese, Kr, and Global
Written inJAVA
Total Downloads Yet10k+
Function90FPS unlock in Pubg Mobile
DeveloperZumba TCH PVT. LTD

Note: In order to Use this 90FPS Config file inYour device, your device must be listed in 90FPS Supported device for Pubg Mobile

Read the list of Support Devices here – Phones that support 90FPS in Pubg mobile

Pubg Mobile 90fps Config file download For android

90FPS Confign file for Pubg mobile in android is the perfect and most easy to to expericen the game’s full potential in an anroid device, despite your device not showing the 90FPS action you will be able to paly the game in smotthes way possible.

Pubg Mobile 90fps Config file download For android is super easy, just click on the link below and you will be taken to your download page where you will have to wait for few moments and it will start, once you doenlaod it set the fps to 90FPS and run the game and make sure to choose your gamer veriosn or else it may throw and error.

Pubg Mobile 90fps Config file download For IOS

The 90FPS config file for ios is pretty unusable as there are no any 90Hz screen in any iPhones, this i also the main reason why iphones does not support 90FPS in Pubg Mobile, So well if its not usable, how do we download it, it just don’t work for phones but you can suerley use it onipad as they have 90Hz screen and refreshrate.

The 90PFS Config file for ios in Pubg Mobile Donwload Link is given below!

Pubg mobile 90 fps config file download link

You can Download the Pubg Mobile global 90 fps config file from the below link easily this works with the latest version of the game so, make sure to use it only on the latest version or update the game as soon as Possible!

Who needs 90FPS config file when you got 120FPS Config file,

Read – Pubg mobile 120 FPS Config File Download [IOS and Android]

So yes thanjs for reading this article on Pubg Mobile 90fps Config file download for android and ios, where we gave you 90FPS config file of Pubg mobile free and how to use them, if you like this article please let us know through comments and give us some suggsetsion like this.

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