Pubg Mobile Bangladesh Teams and players


Pubg Mobile Bangladesh community is Growing rapidly faster than any of us ever thought, there has been a complete new esports scenario in 2020. Pubg mobile Bangladesh teams and players have also started to evolve and are representing their team in Global Stages.


Pubg mobile Bangladeshi teams are now representing their team in Interaction Tier S+ Tournaments for the first time in history and proving their wroth and region. Find out how pubs mobile Bangladesh grow this good in very less amount of time and their teams and players.bangladesh

Pubg Mobile Bangladesh


Pubg Mobile Bangladesh 

Pubg mobile Bangladesh is the third-largest market of Pubg mobile in south Asia after India and Pakistan. Pubg mobile is now getting more popular in Bangladesh day by day.IN 2019 it is estimated that there was a total of 400K + players active.
SO, what makes Pubg mobile so special in Bangladesh, Bangladesh had no any esports tournaments before Pubg mobile arrived. Pubg mobile not only introduced esports in this country but also gave a career in Games/Esports.
It’s true that we don’t see many Pubg Mobile esports tournaments in Bangladesh, but when they get the chance they play with passion and hard work. Bangladeshi Teams Prove in PMPL South Asia getting in 3rd Position and securing their spots for PMGC.
A1es Failed To Qualify for the first super weekend But played brilliantly in the second and qualified.They are Trying their best to Make Pubg mobile Bangladesh Proud and reach The Finals of PMGC

Pubg Mobile Bangladesh Server

Bangladesh gets many Issue because of its server, They Do not have their own Pubg Mobile server, and face high ping issue. Even now one of their team A1es is playing the biggest Pubg mobile tournaments called PMGC and still facing Ping Issue.
Pubg Mobile Bangladesh


Pubg Mobile Bangladesh server is very hard to come as it doesn’t meet the criteria for getting their individual server. Here are the criteria that must be fulfilled to get a Pubg Mobile server in Bangladesh
  • At least a Million Player
  • Have their own Satelite
  • Management Teams

Pubg Mobile Bangladesh Players

  • 6NiN3
  • Brigadier’71
  • RxJax
  • Shoikot
  • SiNiSTER
  • Badrev
  • Kapshi
  • Machine


A1es SiNiSTER whose real name is MD Abdul Jabbar Shakil is a professional Pubg Mobile Player for A1 Esports from Bangladesh. He is considered one of the best players from Bangladesh.
A1es Sinister has also been voted the best South Asia Player. He is making his country proud by representing his team in PMGC and doing really well.


Naaman Al Rafid Durlov also knows as A1es Dante is one of the most dominant players from the South Asia region. He currently plays for the Bangladeshi professional Pubg team a1 Esports and lives in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Fs badrev

Badrev also knows as Fs Badrev is one of the most Popular Pubg mobile esports players from Bangladesh who currently plays for Future station an Indian esports organization. He is Current a Student leaving in bangladesh.

A1es RxJax

Shah Hasanuzzaman Ovi aka A1esRxjax is A Famous Pubg mobile player in Bangladesh who is currently playing Pmgc from A1 Esports. He is known as one of the best players in the Bangladesh region.

Fs Kapshi

Aminul Rahat also known as Fs Kapshi/Ines kapshi is one of the oldest Pubg mobile players from Bangladesh and the South Asian region who currently plays for Team Future station.

Pubg Mobile Bangladesh Teams

  • A1 Esports
  • Future Station
  • Inertia Esports
  • Venom Legends
  • Gods Reborn
  • NAVI
  • 1971 Gladiators
  • KS Invincible

A1 Esports

A1 Esports is currently the best Bangladeshi Teams and one of the best teams from South Asia. From Pmco South Asia To PMGC, A1 Esports has always shown world-class gameplay. They are the only Bangladeshi Teams Playing in PMGC.


A1 Esports is owned by Kazi Arafat Hossain.He is The Ceo of This Organization and has been Providing everything for his Org.A1 esports are surely one of the proudest team from BD.

A1es Pubg Squad

  • SiNiSTER
  • Shoikot
  • 6NiN3
  • RxJax

Future Station

Future Station is an Indian Organization Who Currently owns two Pubg mobile line up. One from India and the other from Bangladesh. Dewang Juyal is the ceo of The Future Station.

Future Station Pubg Squad

  • Badrev
  • Kapshi
  • Machine
  • Steelshot

Pubg Mobile Bangladesh Tournaments

Pubg Mobile doesn’t host any Individual Esports Tournament for Bangladesh however they will not get their own Pmco. There Will Be Different Third Part Tournaments in Bangladesh and T3, T2 And T1 Scrims Where You can participate and Practise.

Who is the best Pubg mobile player from Bangladesh?

MD Abdul Jabbar Shakil also is known as A1es Sinister is Currently the best Pubg Mobile Player from Bangladesh. He has Been showing an amazing gameplay in the international stages like Pmgc. He Clutched 1vs 4 against an International team in PMGC Scrims. He plays the role of the IGL & Scout in team A1 Esports.


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