Pubg mobile in Nepal [ Tournaments, Uc And Players ]


 Pubg Mobile is Now The Most Played Games in Nepali Youths. More Than Half a Million Gamers in Nepal Play This Game. So What do They Actually Play Are There Any pubg mobile Nepal tournament. Is There any career in Pubg Mobile Nepal Find Out All.

Pubg mobile in Nepal

Nepal Has Always Been down in the digital world in comparison to another. Let Me Give You An Example in India Pubg Players earn 10-15 Lakhs Per Month While in Nepali Pubg Players Earn a Maximum 2 Laksh Per Month. So Why is That, Why is Nepal So Backward in Gaming.

Pubg mobile in Nepal

In The Recent Few Years, Pubg Mobile Has Grown up in Nepal By 88%. And now has become the most played game in Nepal followed by free-fire, Fortnite, and among us. The game not only gave fun to the players but also gave livelihood to them.

There Was No Carrer in Esports/gaming in Nepal Before Pubg Mobile. In Nepal, We Barely See 1 Esports tournaments in a year. Pubg Mobile Gave Nepalese The Revolution They Needed.

Here Are The Main Reasons Why Pubg mobile in Nepal is very popular.

  • A First Mobile BattleRoyale Game
  • The First Game Where Nepali Esports Player Played
  • Loved by The Youths
  • Getting Good Views in Pubg Mobile Videos
  • Good Graphics 
  • lots of Youths Play New Games
  • Unemployment in our Country.

Pubg mobile now is one of the best battle royale game available on mobile. So Many Youths Want To Do Something in Esports From Nepal And Only Some Managed to Do So.

Still Talking About Esports in Pubg Mobile, They Actually Haven’t Done So Many Good Things For Nepali Players Like Nepali Pubg Players Don’t Have their own servers.Not Enough Tournaments So Players Have to Look For A Sponser.

Pubg Mobile Player From Nepal

  • 4k Gaming Nepal
  • Sk49
  • Hype Gurkha Yt
  • Mr. Junior
  • Mr Hyzou
  • Ontop
  • Milon
  • Ansh Yt

Popular Pubg Esports Team in Nepal

  • Drs Gaming
  • DeadEyes Guys
  • Elementrix
  • Solti Squad
  • Trained 2 Kill 
  • Hype
  • Trust D Process
  • 7 Seas
  • Play With Purpose
  • Angry Springs

Pubg mobile Nepal tournament

If We Talk About Pubg Mobile Esports, That It Probably Some Tournaments of Pubg Mobile. Nepali Players Have Earned good enough through pubg mobile. However, there is not A Single Tournaments That is Hosted only For Nepal From Pubg Mobile Esports.Some of the Tournaments of Pubg Mobile Played By Nepali Players Are

  • Pubg Mobile Club Open Spring Split
  • Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall Split
  • Pubg Mobile Star Challange
  • Pubg Mobile Pro League
  • Pubg Mobile Nepal Series [ Couldn’t Execute ]

How To Buy Royal Pass in Nepal?

Lots of Nepali people do not have an international debit card or credit card to purchase UC and royal pass in Nepal, So Here is How You Can DO That
  • Buying From
  • Buying Pubg Mobile UC in Nepal From Different Facebook Pages
  • From
  • Using Payoneer MasterCard
  • Esewa/Khali
  • Google play gift card


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