Pubg Mobile Indian Version Release Date ,Size [ All You Need To Know]


 Pubg Mobile Global Versions is Completely Ban in As The Offical Facebook account of Pubg Mobile addressed that They will terminate all the Tencent servers for Pubg mobile in India Which Means Player from India Will Not be able to play Pubg mobile from now onwards. This Step From Tencent Has Also given us hint that now Pubg Mobile Indian Version.

Pubg Mobile was banned by the Indian government on September 2nd, 2020. However, the game was still playable for Indian players because at that time the server was not terminated by Tencent.

Pubg Mobile Indian Version

Now This Looks Clear to us, Tencent has really ended the partnership with Pubg Corporation for India And now India pub mobile players will get their own Pubg Mobile Indian Version made by a South Korean company Named Krafton.

Pubg Mobile Indian Version 

Pubg Mobile Indian Verison is the Indian version of Pubg mobile which is only made for Indian Pubg Players. South Korea Company Made This Game After Ending The Partnership With Chinese Publishers of The Game Tencent As The Government of India banded Pubg for being a Chinese game that would leak the information of India Players to the Chinese governments.

Pubg Mobile Was A huge business for Tencent in India as 25% of the revenue of Pubg mobile would come from India. This Ban gave a loss of billions of dollars to pubg mobile.So did we really expect Pubg mobile would vanish this way?WellAbsolutely no Right.

The Original Publisher and Maker of Pubg would never want to lose that huge amount of money. So It Was A Good Strategy By The south Korean company to end the partnership with Tencent for India. This Way the blue hole company would earn a huge amount of Money only from India.

Pubg Mobile Indian Version Leak

  • Pubg Mobile Has Opened its Linkedin Page For Searching Indian Employee 
  • They Have now terminated all the Tencent servers which gave us a hint that krafton has started to create their own  Indian servers for Pubg mobile.
  • Tencent Games New Statement  Where they have confirmed that they have given all the rights to krafton games union.
So Let’s Be Honest, Is Pubg Mobile Really Coming Back To India.

Well, We Are Not Pubg Corporation That We Can Give 100% Sure Answer in This Topic, There Are So Many Factors That Shows Positive and Negative Results, Like Let Me Give You An Example.

What if Pubg Mobile Really ends the partnership with Tencent just for India and The Pubg corporation will republish the game but the Indian government will not accept it.

There Are Many Possibilities That This Problem May occurs for pubg mobile. It’s True That The Game Was Ban for being Published by Tencent, But the information minister of India had many complain of pubg mobile from the past.

Honestly, If This Doesn’t Happen Its Good. So if the game is really coming when it’s going to be released.

Some Main Faqus In The Blogs…

Pubg Mobile Indian Version Release Date 

Pubg Mobile Indian Version is expected to be launched on 2nd December 2020.The Publishers of the games have started to built the servers of the game.

Pubg Mobile Indian Version Size

The Size of Pubg Mobile Indian Versions is 1.8Gb. The Game will have the same files and Updates as The Global Versions however the events and the Resources could be completely different.

Who is The Publisher of Pubg Mobile Indian Version

The Pubg corporation is the official publisher of Pubg mobile Indian versions, Unlike other versions whose publisher is Tencent games. The Pubg Corporation Ended Partnership With Tencent Games for Indian after the ban of pubg mobile in Indian in 2020.


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