Pubg Mobile National Championship Nepal Finals (PMNC Nepal Finals )

PMNC Nepal is the first and the highest-rated official esports tournament that Nepal has ever witnessed. It is also the only official esports tournament hosted particularly for Nepalese citizens. From the last few weeks PMNC Nepal has created a huge hype and after the continuous battles, of 10 thousand players the top 32 are here!. So when are the PMNC Nepal Finals starting? who will the finals?

Pubg Mobile National Championship Nepal 2021 also know as PMNC Nepal has started its official live stream of group stages, where the top 32 reams are fighting against each other in order to be that 24 teams who play the next round. So what is the format of PMNC Nepal finals and semi-finals? Well, all these topics will be covered in this blog on Pubg Mobile National Championship Nepal Finals (PMNC Nepal Finals ).

PMNC Nepal 2021 Group Stages [PMNC Nepal]

The group stages of PMNC Nepal 2021 are currently live on Pubg Mobile esports, which has been hosted by Nowdwin gaming. All the top 32 teams who have shown great competition from the very beginning of the online qualifiers have been qualified. The Qualifiers of Pubg Mobile National Championship Nepal are way more interesting than we think. Crazy 1vs4, amazing clutches and there is thrill and excitement in every match!

The Group stage started in July and will end at the end of July. Between these time periods, we are going to witness amazing matches and gameplays.

Here are the teams playing Group stages of PMNC Nepal 2021

Group A

  • RAW Official
  • Cinema Art
  • RDSx
  • VibesEsports
  • CampToWin
  • X Cube
  • 18plus

Group B

  • Team T2K
  • Trikru Nepal
  • BNWxx
  • Wayout SATAN
  • Ok xa Ta
  • Socrate esp

Group C

  • Destiny
  • Skylightz Gaming
  • KINGsNepal
  • H2D ES

Group D

  • Aayo Team Ts
  • JyanMaara
  • Elementrix
  • Enrage
  • Carring Gang
  • xACEx
  • Harame

after these matches, the top 24 teams will be forwarded to the next round in a four day competition where they will be one step closer to Glory. Every 24 Teams will get equal matches and the top 16 teams from this round will proceed to the finals of PMNC Nepal.

Pubg Mobile National Championship Nepal Finals

The top 16 teams from the semis of PMNC Nepal will be playing the finals for 4 days strong. Each day there will be Four matches to witness where all the teams will be fighting for the glory. There is no doubt that the final will be a historic tournament for Nepalese esports. There will be a total of 16 matches in the finals where each team will play 16 matches in Four different maps.

Teams like Ekta esports performed extremely well in the Semifinals PMNC Nepal 2021, they were ruthless in the last day capturing the finish of many players and securing their first position in the semifinals, it will be interesting to see how good the team can perform in PMNC Nepal 2021 Finals.

The Semis of these tournaments went unexpected as the top teams like Drs Gaming and T2k performance was deeply criticized by the views, but knowing the fact i’s only semifinals the PMNC Nepal final will be the main focus.

Here is the overall standings of PMNC Nepal 2021 Semifinals

The top 6 teams from the finals of Pubg Mobile National Championship Nepal 2021 will be given a direct invite to PMPL South Asia Season 4. That’s a huge announcement coming from google. We all know how big a tournament PMPl is. It is a league where top Pubg Mobile teams from south Asia compete for the glory and crown of “champions of South Asia”. The road to PMPL is hard but not if you are in the top 6 from PMNC Nepal Final 2021.

There is gonna be a massive prize pool of over $30,000 in the PMNC Nepal 2021 Final, the first/ champion team will receive $10,00 and 2 and 3rd Will receive $8,000 and $5,000 respectively. That’s a huge amount of money for an esports player. They can literally boost their esports career with the Prize.

PMNC Nepal Finals Qualified Teams

  • Ekta Esports
  • Pn Creq
  • Skylight Gaming
  • Jyanmaara
  • Raw Official
  • Team Hv
  • Elementrix
  • Vibes Esports
  • Team T2K
  • Trikru Nepal
  • Team Xtreme
  • Wayout Satn
  • Drs Gaming
  • KingsNEpal
  • Lets GO

When will PMNC Nepal 2021 Finals start?

The finals of PMNC for the Nepalese region will start in august of 2021, there will be 16 teams competing in the finals where the top 6 teams from the finals will be given a chance to represent themselves in PMPL South Asia. The semifinals of PMNC Nepal 2021 have just ended on the side of Ekta esports followed by PN Crew and Skylight gaming.

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