Pubg Mobile Players From Nepal [4k Gaming, Ontop, And Mr Hyozu]


 Nepal is Full of Pubg Mobile Players. Its Estimates That 60% of the Nepali youths under the age of 22 are playing and giving more time to pubg. Pandemic is the main reason For growth. Players Like 4k Gaming Nepal, Mr. Htzou, Mr. Junior, Sk49, Hype Gurkha, ontop, Arabpati, and Nero are now one of the top gamers from Nepal.

Pubg Mobile is the most played game in Nepal followed by freefire at number 2 and among us at number 3.Because of the huge number we have many famous pubg mobile players in Nepal.

Best Pubg Mobile Players From Nepal

  • Ontop
  • Mr Hyozu
  • Ex Blablabla
  • Hype Gurkha
  • Sk49
  • T2k Jain
  • Drs Gyalzen
  • DeWaduSir
  • Drs Mafianinja
  • Asl Joker

4K Gaming Nepal

4K Gaming Nepal

4k Gaming Nepal also known as Putin is a Pubg mobile streamer from Nepal. His Real Name is Pawan Jung Shahi and 27 years old guy living in surkhet Nepal.

4k Gaming Nepal is one of the most famous pubg mobile players from Nepal.He is the highest subscribed gaming channel in Nepal with over 600k Suscribers.

Starting Streaming From Korea at part-time to becoming one of the highest-earning streamers from Nepal,4k gaming Nepal has a very different story..Read Full-on

In 2020 4k Gaming Has Now The Net worth of 1 Million$. And Had Over 600k+ Suscribers in His Youtube Channel Which Will Help Him Build His Fortune Even More.4k Gaming Nepal Has Proved That There is Carrer in Gaming in Nepal.

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Nero Subba

Nero Subba

Nero Also Know as Nero Subba is one of the best pubg mobile streamers from Nepal. He is Also Famous For His Funny/comedy Tiktoks in Nepal.

Nero is another big guy in the Nepali pubg mobile community. He is one of the best and highest subscribed gaming channels from Nepal with Over 100k Suscribers in His Youtube Channel.

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Ansh Yt

Ansh Yt

Ansh Parajuli also knows as Ansh Yt is a pubg mobile streamer/caster From Nepal. He has Been Recognized As The Best Pubg Mobile Caster By Nepali Pubg Players. He hosts Different Tournaments, Tier 1 Scrims on His Youtube Channel.

He is one of the most hardworking guys in the Nepali community. 
Ansh yt Has over 30k Subs in His Youtube Channel. Ansh Yt is also The Offical Nepali Caster of Pubg Mobile Esports.He Casts The The Professional Pubg Mobile Esports Matches in the Nepali Language.

Ansh Yt Also Hosts Almost All-Tournament of Nepal With Highest Prizepool.

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Mr Junior

Mr Junior Whose Real Name is Sandesh Jung Rana is Streamer/Dancer From Nepal. He is 28 Years old living in Pokhara. He is also one of the biggest streamers from Nepal with over 100k Suscribers on His Youtube Channel.

Mr Junior is one of the most Successful Streamer from Nepal. He Crossed 100k Suscribers in A Very short amount of time. He is also known for his funny Nature. Read More About Mr. Junior on

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Kaushal Acharya also known as Arabpati is a Nepali pubg gamer with over 40k subscribers on his youtube channel. Arabpati is one of the few Nepali streamers who hosts different scims with personal investment.

Arabpati is also the owner of his esports team of pubg mobile which is arabpati esports. He is one of the most humble guy in his community.

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Milan Budha Magar aka milon is a Nepali gamer from dang With Over 95k Suscribers on His Youtube Channel. He is also one of the first pubg mobile streamers in Nepal.

Milon does streams different games on his youtube channel like pubg, among us,gta 5.

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Ontop whose real name is Sahil Verma is a professional Pubg Mobile Player From Nepal. He also called the best pubg mobile players from Nepal.

Ontop is also a streamer of pubg mobile. He streams T1 Scimrs with his teammates of Deadeyes Guys. Ontop Has Proved That He is the best Pubg mobile player from Nepal in Different Stages Like Pmco And Pmpl.

Ontop has over 50k+ Subscribes on His Youtube Channel. Sahil Verma Has Made Nepal Proud By His Pubg Gameplay.He Currently Plays Fro Team DeadEyes Guy Where He plays the role of attacker.

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Hype Gurkha

Piyush Thapaliya also is known as hype Gurkha is a pubg mobile player from Nepal. He is one of the oldest Pubg Mobile Player from Nepal. He Also Has a Youtube Channel With Almost 90k Suscribers.

He Uploads a Short Montage of his pubg gameplay which is loved by thousands of pubg players from Nepal. He is also the leader of Team Hype, Which Has Also Been Crowned as Champions of South Asia Once.

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Mr Hyozu

Mr Hyozu.

Mr Hyozu Whos Real Name is Safal Hyozu is the most popular pubg mobile esports player in Nepal. He is one of the most loved gaming athletes in Nepal.

Mr Hyozu is also one of the oldest streamers in the Nepali Gaming Community Who Started Streaming on pubg mobile 2 years ago when he lived in the USA.

He is also the leader of the most popular pubg mobile organization in Nepal which is Elementrix.

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Sugen Shrestha Who is sk49 in Youtube is one of the highest subscribed pubg Mobile gamer in Nepal With Over 150k Suscribers on His Youtube Channel.He is Also One of the most earning Esports Athlete in Nepal.

Sk49 uploads funny pubg mobile gameplay which is loved even in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.He Trolls Indians in a Super Funny Way.He Also Does Live Streams on his youtube channel.

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Top Pubg Mobile Streamers from Nepal

  • 4k Gaming Nepal
  • Nero Subba
  • Ansh Yt.
  • Mr Junior
  • Milon 
  • ArabPati
  • Hrithika Gaming
  • Indu Malla Gaming
  • SlVR
  • Maney Yt
  • James Shrestha Gaming


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