Pubg Mobile Vs FAU-G Game [ Detailed comparison ]


FauG Game has Just Been Announced in India after the ban of pubg Mobile India. Looks like pubg mobile fans have already Found their alternative For this BattleRoyale game. so if ARe Having Problems on which is best or can Faug Game replace Pubg mobile, We have come up with Pubg Mobile vs Faug Game Comparison.

Since the government of India slammed a ban on India Mobile Fans in India ARe really upset. The fans have been criticizing the government For This Obsessive news. After A Certain period of time after the ban Akshay Kumar one of the biggest Bolloyed stars announced a new game called FAU G  Supporting prime minister Movement #Atmaninvarbharat.

Pubg Mobile Vs FAU-G Game

Faug Would Be Really Popular in India as there is not any current good BattleRoyale game expect Call of Duty Mobile

Faug is Surely Inspired From the game Pubg Mobile. But We Properly Don’t Know if it can really beat Pubg mobile. This game will be totally India and its 100% of revenue Will Be For an Indian Company. The Faug vs Pubg Controversy Made By Their Fans is Still Unfixable. Gamers Really need smooth and lag-free gameplay.

Pubg Mobile Vs Faug Game

Pubg Mobile Vs Faug Game Seems To Be An Un Answer Able Question Right Now. Pubg Mobile is A BattleRoyale Game Where As Faug is A Shotter Game. Pubg Mobile And Faug Have No Similarities Between Each Other At All Expect Their Name. Both Game Have Different Objective Faug Game Has Different Story Mode It Will Teach You About Soldiers And Their Sacrifice Where As Pubg Mobile Is A Battleroyale Especially Made For Esports And Competitions.

FAU-G VS Pubg Mobile [ Which is Better ]

There Is No Doubt That Both Fau-g And Pubg Mobile Have A Great Fan Base, Because of Indias New Movements AtmaNirbhar Bharat , Gamers of India Are Supporting Their National Originated Game Fau-g More Than Pubg Mobile. Pubg Mobile is The Leading And The Most Played Mobile Game in Asia And is One of The Most Played Game in The World.

When Pubg Mobile Was Ban in India, Many People Dream Crushed into Pisces. Pubg Mobile Was A Huge of Esports And Gaming Carrer Being Developed in India. People Started Making Their Carrer in Gaming Through Pubg Mobile. But The Ban Destroyed Every Thing. Streamers Like Mortal, Jonathan, Scout, Mavi, Ghtak Were Really Upset As They Were Preparing For Pmpl.

Fau-g Is An India Game, There Is So Many Doubt About This, Pubg Mobile Made Outstanding Esports Tournaments With A Very High Prize Pool. This Encouraged Many Small Players To Play And Grind. Can Fau-g Have Esports in India, Will It Overtake Pubg Mobile on Esports And Prize Pool? Will Players Love FAU-G.

This Game Has To Really Work Hard And Make Excellent Updates If Faug Wants To Beat Pubg Mobile in Popularity. Pubg Mobile Earns on Billions Which Means if Fau-g Were Able To Defeat Pubg, They Can Earn A lot From Faug Game. But It’s Not Easy To Beat Pubg Mobile Because it is Developed By The Biggest Game Developing Games in The World That’s Tencent Gmaes. Pubg Mobile Vs FAU-G Game Will Be A Topic To Remember For The Next Few Years.

nCore Games Has Reported That This Game 20 % of its Revenue Will Be Given Bharat K Veer. The brand ambassador of  Faug Akshay Kumar Tweeted This……

Pubg Vs Faug

Also, There Are Also So Many Controversies Related to Faug Game Poster. People Are Saying it is A Copy Version of Pubg. The Poster of This Game is A Shutter Stock Image And Its Copied. Looking This Dhruv Rathee An Indian Youtuber Tweeted

Pubg Mobile Vs FAU-G Game [ Detailed comparison ]

Which is Better Pubg Mobile or Faug?

Pubg Mobile is A BattleRoyale Game Made By Bluehole Corporation And Distributed By Tencent Games While Faug Is An Indian Game Developed By nCore Games Which is A Indian Game Developing Company In Banglore, India. Both Games Have Their Own Features And Advantages, If You Are A Battleroyale Gamer Than Its No Doubt That You Must Go For Pubg Mobile. But if You Are A Story And Shotting Game Lover Than You Must Go With Faug.

When Was Pubg Mobile Banded in India?

On 3rd September the Government of India Banded 118 Chinese Mobile Apps Along With Pubg Mobile. This Ban was successfully Executed on 6th September as the Game Fully Stopped to work in India.

Why was Pubg Mobile Banded in India?

In 2020, there was a Clash Between India and China on their border issue of Ladakh. This Issue Took A Vey Important turn as China’s Army Killed 20 Indian soldiers in return as national security and on the allegation on chines app stealing India users’ data. The Indian Government Decided To Ban All  Chinese apps. This Was the main reason for pubg mobile Banded in India.

Is FAU-G Better Than Pubg Mobile?

No, FAU-G is Not Better Than Pubg Mobile At All. You Cannot Compare These Two Games. Pubg Mobile Is One of The Best Mobile Games We have Right Now, And There Is No Doubt That Copied Games Like Fau-G Will Never Be Better Than Pubg Mobile. Pubg Mobile Has An Amazing Carrer With Almost A New Tournaments Every Next month, Can Faug Make These Many Esports Tournaments. Will Faug Be Able To Provide That High Prize pool For Gamers.

Pubg Mobile Vs FAU-G Game

What do You Think Is This Poster Really Copied or This is Just An Coincidence . Will Fau-g Be Able To Beat Pubg Mobile ..Please Let Us Know You All Thoughts in The Comments



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