Skylightz Gaming Who is Skylightz Gaming ? (Team SG)

 From Doing Big Giveaways on Youtube to Owning many Esports Teams all over the world Skylightz gaming has now started to come into Limelight. Skylightz gaming is one of the most Mysterious Men from the Nepalese Gaming Community. This unraveled man does numerous giveaways and Fans don’t even know who is he, Well Find out all about Skylightz Gaming, its owner, and the real name.

Skylightz Gaming

Skylightz first got attention when they sponsored one of the best and known Pubg mobile players from Nepal Called Sk49 at the same time they did the 100 Royal pass Giveaway. He has done several more giveaways like an iPhone 12 pro max, Unknown Cash, etc.

Skylightz Gaming

Skylightz Gaming is one of the top and richest Esports Organization which is established in Nepal and Indonesia. The Nepalese-based organization Tends to be a global esports organization within a few months, they currently have two esports teams one the Nepalese Pubg mobile team and the  Indonesian Pubg team.

The Organization Dreams to build one of the best Esports teams and be number one in every game Possible. Skylightz gaming has hosted a Pubg mobile Tournament Called (PMGCS) Pubg mobile skylightz showdown with a Prizepool of $10,000

Skylightz Gaming is based has its headquarters/Bootcamp in Pokhara Nepal, Which is one of the most luxurious Bootcamp in Nepal. The Organization is recognized as one of the richest Gaming organization from South Asia.

Skylightz Gaming Partnered with Sk49 and Formed Team Sg After Pmco South Asia 2020, after getting a Pmpl invite they partnered with Team Trained to Kill from Nepal. After the Pmpl Skylightz Gaming ended the partnership and made their own Esports Organization Called SG.

Skylightz gaming Is Known For His Big Giveaways, He has Partnered up with big content creators like Jonathan Gaming, Btr Babylon, Microboy, and Alice. The Organization is Currently doing iPhone 12 Pro max Giveaway as Christmas Gift to all his Fans.

The Organization has also hired a new Pubg mobile esports lineup in Indonessia Which they announced through their Youtube Channel.The All-new players in Sg got their brand new device iPhone 11 Pro max for their esports Journey.

Skylightz Gaming Pubg Team/Members

  • SGxConceptSir
  • SGxSk49.

Skylightz Gaming Giveaways

Skylightz Gaming has always spent a lot of money for its fans through many Giveaways, Pubg Mobile Royal Pass, Unknown Cash, Gaming Headphones, and a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can Also Participate in this Giveaway and Win a lot of Stuffs Through it.

Skylightz Gaming Owner

The Owner of Skylightz Gaming has not been Disclosed yet, It is believed that there is a Partnership between Few entrepreneurs who own the esports Organization. But it’s Sure that all the owners of Skylightz gaming are a Nepalese

Skylightz gaming Summary

  • Organization Name – Skylightz Gaming
  • Owners – Unknown
  • Type – Gaming
  • Game – Pubg Mobile
  • Country – Nepal/Indonessia
  • Partnership – T2k (Ended)

Skylightz Gaming Pubg Id

The Pubg id of Skylightz Gaming is 5872150402 and he is currently on #9 Royal Pass Rankings in Global. Skylightz Gaming spends More than $1000 in a day on Pubg in-game items. He has almost all the rare Pubg Mobile skins and dresses.

Who is Skylightz Gaming?

Skylightz gaming is an Esports organization from Nepal, They Are currently at Pubg Mobile esports owning two esports teams from Nepal and Indonesia.

Skylightz Gaming is really looking forward to starting one of the best esports organization on the Planet. With this high amount of investment in esports will they succeed, Let us know in the comments

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