Snax BGMI ID, Controls, Sensitivity, and Stats

Snax is one the best BGMI player from his generations, he has always proven his worth from starting of his career i the esports of BGMI, From PMWL to PMPL there is no BGMI Tournament where Snax has not performed. So what is Snax BGMI ID? what are Snax’s BGMI controls and sensitivity, how does his stats in BGMI Looks like?

Well to be honest Snax has always been one of the most underrated BGMI players in the community, despite the good skill he has he still does not have the proper recognition as scout or Jonathan has in the BGMI community. Anyway, we are here to talk that about Snax gaming, so welcome to the blog on Snax BGMI ID, Controls, Sensitivity, and Stats, Where we talk about players and their gaming careers.


Raj Varma Also knows as Snax Gaming in the Indian gaming community is one of the BGMI player from Team India who plays the role of assaulter in the team. He has been defining as the DP-king or the Indian Paraboy! He has always been the best BGMI player for a long time Now.

Snax started his Journey through PUBG Mobile in 2020. He got his recognition as a gamer in Team IND in 2020, where he became an absolute beast and crushed many 1vs 4 in BGMI Tournaments. He is very popular among youths for his lines like “Damage do andar aao!”.

Snax BGMI Biography

Real NameRaj Varma
HobbyBody Building
TeamTeam Ind Esports
Net worthApprox 1 Million
BGMI Id585127130
Phone Number9982726210
NicknameSnax Gaming

Snax BGMI Id

Snax BGMI ID is 585127130, this is his only BGMI ID as he only owns one BGMI Id, he does have a Korean version id but it’s not active anymore. Snax BGMI ID is also a dream for many BGMI Players as it has one of the most exclusive items of the game!. Like awesome Gunskins of M416 and crazy Collection of Different Outfits!

You can send him a friend request in his BGMI account! As snax does check his fans and appreciates them a lot, he may also accept your friend request as he has done this player. We often see Snax Playing BGMI with his fans in his stream.

Snax BGMI Controls

Snax Plays 4 Finger Claw Controls in BGMI. His controls are quite annoying he does play four-finger but he uses the fire button with his Thumb! This way his other fingers will be useful to pull out reflexes! I mean they are effective for every drill like hip fire, jiggle and many more. Snax BGMI Controls are given below!

Snax BGMI Sensitivity

Snax BGMI Sensitivity is quite complicated! I mean a normal BGMI Player could find Way harder to get used to this density are they are very hard to implement. However, once you start using Snax BGMI Sensitivity and you mastered it will be easy for you to play Gyroscope. You can Use Snax BGMI Sensitivity from the Image Below!

Snax BGMI Gyroscope Sensitivity

Snax BGMI Camera Sensitivity

Snax BGMI ADS Sensitivity

Snax BGMI KD and Stats

There is NO-doubt that Snax has tremendous Skills when it comes to BGMI, his sprays in the tournaments are so accurate, now just imagine how good he can play in classics and accurate and unbeatable he would become in that game! He has a kd of 6 in ace league which is tremendous. It’s damn hard to maintain that high kd in such a high league.

Not only his kd his average damage is also too damn high and it’s great to witness such a player. He has a win ratio of 30% which is also pretty impressive and great! Other than that his all stats are pretty impressive!

Well thanks for reading this blog on Snax BGMI ID, Controls, Sensitivity, and Stats, Where we talked about Snax BGMI KD and Stats, Snax BGMI Sensitivity, Snax BGMI Sensitivity and Snax BGMI Character ID.

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