Solo Rush BGMI Id, Controls and Sensitivity

In the year 2021 Solo Rush youtube has grown by 204% compared to his 2020 Stats, he has even got to names as BGMI top players from India, So who actually is Youtube Solo rush, how did he get into BGMI and became so fast this quick, Well that’s what we are going to a breakdown today on Solo Rush BGMI Controls Sensitivity and his id.

India is one of the thousands of gaming content creators who have been making living out of it, The gaming community in India has seen a growth of over 500% in the last few years. Solo rush is one of them, his ama\ing skills and clutching montages in his youtube channel have made him one of the best BGMI content creators. So how did he actually start his Youtube journey? Well, find out all in this blog on Solo Rush BGMI Id, Controls, and Sensitivity.

Solo Rush BGMI

Solo rush is a BGMI/Pubg Mobile player from Mumbai India, who is currently one of the top bgmi montage creators on Youtube, he has been generating a lot of views and popularity on his youtube channel. Solo rush has been appreciated by many top esports players from India including scout and Jonathan, With his popularity growing day by day, topics like Solo Rush BGMI Id, Solo Rush BGMI Sensitivity Code are in the trading searches for Indians in BGMI

So, how did he Actually grow this quick in the Gaming Community?

Well, all thanks to the amazing gameplay that he uploads on his Youtube channel, from the very first day of his youtube journey he kept uploading amazing content in his channel and made thousand of fans. His much-appreciated skills were 1vs4 in intense situations, Trolling noobs in a professional way, amazing reflex, and crazy play style. These skills made him loved by thousands of fans globally, including gamers from Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Solo Rush Biography

NameSolo Rush
BGMI ID 5166723929
In-Game NAMEYoutube-Solorush
Team NameUnknown
Country India
Sensitivity Code
Controls Code

Solo Rush BGMI ID

Solo Rush BGMI ID is 5166723929, this is his only BGMI id in which he holds many titles as #20th squad wins, #10th Gunslinger, etc. He also has many cool outfits in his BGMI account which he shows off during his youtube videos. You can send him a friend request by pasting the following id in your account.

Watch Solo Rush Latest BGMI Gameplay

Solo Rush BGMI Controls Code

6983-8876-0836-8598-668 is the latest BGMI Control Code of BGMI 2021, copy this control code and paste it in your search method option in the BGMI Game, Solo Rush BGMI Controls will be applied automatically in Your account, the following controls is a Four finger + Gyro Controls which is pretty impressive controls for almost all bgmi players.

However, if you wanna set the controls of solo rush manually, Solo Rush BGMI Controls is given below!

Solo Rush BGMI Controls
Solo Rush BGMI Controls

Solo Rush BGMI Sensitivity Code

Solo Rush BGMI Sensitivity code is 6534-8898-2136-3491-238. This is the latest sensitive code [Update August 2021], the following sensitivity is only based on gyroscope players, the below-given sensitivity improves your gyroscope drastically with a month if you practice 60 minutes a day in the BGMI training ground.

If you will like to set the Sensitivity manually it is given below!

Solo Rush BGMI Camera Sensitivity
Solo Rush BGMI Camera Sensitivity
Solo Rush BGMI Camera Sensitivity
Solo Rush BGMI ADS Sensitivity
Solo Rush BGMI ADS Sensitivity
Solo Rush BGMI GYRO Sensitivity
Solo Rush BGMI GYRO Sensitivity

Thanks for reading this article on the Journey of Solo Rush Biography, Where we provided you Solo Rush BGMI ID, Solo Rush BGMI Controsl code his sensitivity code, and his stats of BGMI Season 19. If you have any suggestions regarding this article, I will see you in the next one.

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