Team Elementrix Pubg Mobile Members, Esports and Earnings

Team Elementrxi is one of the best Pubg Mobile Teams all the way from the South Asia Region. This team has not only proved their gameplay in their region but also one the international stages like PUBG Mobile Star Challange and different other Scrims. In This article find out all about elementrix pubg members’ total earnings and rankings.

Team Elementrix Pubg Mobile

But This Journey has never been easy for elementrix and its leader Mr. Hyozu, from being one of the best teams to not qualifying for the global event they have always learned their lessons and have bounced back.


Elementrix is a Pubg mobile esports organization founded by Mr. Hyozu in 2017/2018. Elementary represents Nepal and South Asia Region and has won many Tournaments hosted in These Regions. This Nepalese team is in the heart of every Nepali fan.

Team Elementrix has taken part in a Number of Big Esports Tournaments Like PMSC, PMCO, PMPL, PMSS, and PMNL and has proved their worth competing with the best teams from the world

Did You Know?

Mr. Hyozu’s Elementrix is the most Popular Pubg Mobile Esports Organization from Nepal Followed By Drs Gaming and Abrupt Slayers. Team Elementrix is one of the very first organizations from Nepal in Pubg Mobile who has played the highest number of official esports tournaments by a Nepali team and has always been the best since the very beginning.This Team has to see been one of the most loved teams from the Nepalese Gaming Community.

Team Elementrix Pubg Mobile Journey

Their First esports tournament was a disaster, they played their first-ever Pmco from the wildcard region and got eliminated without reaching the finals. 

Elementrix bounced back very good next year qualifying for the finals of Pmco South Asia Which was their first-ever LAN event of Pubg mobile in India. Although They Could not reach the global finals but played superb well and represented Nepal in that Big Stages, And That’s Where The rise of the elementrix started.

In The Next Pmco south Asia of 2020 elementrix barely qualified in the last game and in the last place witch booked their slots for PMPL SA And their flights for India, In the PMPL Sa they did quite well they even won the scrims once and took 2000$ home.

However since then, elementrix has not been the same, they have not qualified for the global championship from the South Asia Region and are struggling to get some points on the board.

Elementrix is always known for their comeback in Pubg mobile community hope their comeback will occur soon and will be able to see the same elementrix that dominates South Asia League. Maybe The Next pmco coming in February will be thiers.

Team Elementrxi must be very consistent to be better, they have to be consistent with all of their Pubg mobile players and with their game. From the past few months, the competition in Nepalese Esports has increased a lot. So if elementrix want’s to be dominant again they must grind and do super well.

Teams Like Abrupt Slayers, Drs Gaming, and Trained To Kill are dominating the south Asian esports and doing very well in the national tournaments

Team Elementrix Pubg Members/Team (Updated)

  • ExMr.Hyozu
  • Ex.MrBrowmine Yt
  • Ex.Nang
  • EX.Liquid
  • EX.HitlerBa
  • EXOrange
Former Mates/Members
  • PoopMan
  • BlaBlaBla
  • Onelrin
  • Inception
  • Sonim
Team Elementrix Information

Name Elementrix
Short Form Ex
Owner Mr Hyozu
Total Earnings $34,391
Manager Samiya Joshi
Region Nepal/South Asia
Game Pubg Mobile
Founded 2017/2018

Team Elementrix Earnings

Team Elementrix has total earnings approx $34,391.In the current period, Most of their income comes from the prize pool of different esports tournaments as they don’t have any sponsor. Mr. Hyozu leader/owner of Team Elementrix fund the whole organization himself.

Team Elementrix Pubg Tournaments and Rankings

Tournaments Position PrizePool
PMPL Spring Split Sa Finals 7TH $5,000
PMPL Spring Split Sa League 9th $1,250
PMPL Fall Split Sa Finals 7th $5,500
PMPL Fall Split Sa League 14th $1,250
GWB 2O20 10th $2,000
PMCO Spring Split 2020/td> 6th $1,100
PMSC WORLD CUP 2019 7TH $10,000
PMCO Fall split 10th $4,000

Who is the Owner of Team Elementrix

Safal Hyozu Also Known as Mr. Hyozu is the leader/owner of the Team Elementrxi Organization from Nepal. He Founded the esports organization in 2017/2018 when he lived in USA and dreamed of making an esports Team.

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