Top 5 Best GFX Tool For BGMI [No Ban]

GFX Tools are one of the best addon tools that is used in Gaming, almost all games support the GFX tools, It is one of the most used third-party software in BGMI, It is confirmed that over 70% of Low-end device BGMI players use the tool. There is so many Gfx tool in the market, But finding the best and the free one is a challenging job this is why we brought this wonderful article on Top 5 Best free Gfx tool for BGMI No Ban.

There is no doubt that using the GFX tool enhances your Gameplay quality and gives you the satisfactory result in gaming, It has been a priority in gaming for years now for both Pc and mobiles devices, Things are the same in BGMI To, GFX tools are used by that player who has low-end devices and wants to unlock a better Fps Graphics. Since half of the BGMI players are children they barely have a good device, So it’s better to use them

So, if you are looking for a Free GFX Tool that works for the latest version of BGMI which does not ban your account and if you want Better graphics and 60FPS or even 90FPS (If Supported), then you are in the perfect place, we have collected the five best top-rated GFX Tools for BGMI that can be used in order to enhance your performance!

Best GFX Tool For BGMI

Finding the best GFX tool for BGMI has been a tough job now as some tools ask you for premium membership while some do not give you the features promised, there are hundreds of them but still very few works as per our demand. Today here we are providing the top 5 best free BGMI GFX tool that does not ban your account and gives you full access to the features.

GFX Tool – Game Launcher & Optimizer

This wonderful Tool created by Tsoml works perfectly for all Krafton associated games like Game for peace, Pubg Mobile, and BGMI, it includes all the features like 90fps, 60fps, and other graphics settings, this gfx tool is very small-sized and doesn’t heat up your phones.

Key Features
  • Free For all
  • Includes all the Basic Features like FPS Unlock and UHD Unlock
  • No Ban (Tested and Verfified by Sportszebra)
  • Very small in Size
  • No Malware


This tool is available for free in the Googe play store with a rating of over 4 stars which is pretty impressive for a normal third-party app, if you want to download this GFX Tool for BGmi which is free You can click the download button given below!

Panda Game Booster & GFX Tool for Battleground

No 2 on the list we have Panda Game Booster & GFX Tool for Battleground, it is one of the best game optimizer and GFX Tool for BGMi which i have personally used and experience, there is literally no negative reviews about this app as it works just fine for it purpose, This GFX Tool is one of the most used tools in the entire game having the ratings o over 4 stars in google play store.

Key Features

  • Free to Use and No Ads
  • Unlocks 90FPS
  • Unlocks Hd Graphics
  • Supported in Low end Device
  • No bugs and glitches


FlashDog – GFX Tool

Flash Dog has been in the GFX market for so long now, it proved the tool for various games like league of legends, Call of duty Mobile, Apex Legends mobile, etc, this is also the reason why it is the most trusted Free GFX tool for BGMI game that works completely fine in almost all the versions of the game. It also includes exclusive features like potato graphics, anti-analyzing, etc. FlashDOG GFX tool is available for free in all the app stores.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Features
  • 100% Free
  • No ban and Tested
  • Unlocks upto 120fps


PGT +🔧: Pro GFX & Optimizer(with advance setting)

PGT+ Pro GFX toll is the number 1 and the most advanced GFX Tool on our list for today, from not containing a single ad to giving you the smoothest experience of BGMI this tool does it all. This is the best GFX tool for BGMI in 2021 without ads. Recommed for almost all the midrange devices which lack 60fps experience, You can even get excepts to 90FPS + Potato graphics in this tool which is even crazier.

Key Features

  • No ads
  • Millions of Users
  • No Background Ram Consumption
  • Smoothes GFX Tool for BGMI
  • Unlocks all the essentail Features


Game Booster VIP – GFX- Lag Fix

Game Booster VIP is another on our list for the best GFX Tool for BGMI, this tool has been in the market since 2020 and has gained a lot of popularity since the very beginning for its exceptional work with handling crashes for the game and reducing lag for low-end mobiles. The game booster also provides a GFX tool for Pubg mobile and free fire but their best work is with BGMI.

Key Features

  • Includes Many Games
  • Various In-app Features Included
  • No ads and Disturbance
  • Trusted by sportszebra

Here are some queries related to the blog!

What is GFX Tool in BGMI?

Graphics tool also knows as GFX Tool is the 3rd party extension for Mobile games developed by 3rd party developers which eventually changes the default game settings, FPS, and graphics set by the original developers in order to give all the access to the game need and asked by the gamer. It involves Changing the game frame rated blocked by the developers on special devices, unlocking new modes of graphics etc.

Does GFX Tool Decreases Lag?

Yes, the GFX tool is one of the best third-party tools you can use to reduce lags in almost all the mobile games such as Pubg Mobile, Apex Legends, BGMI, game for peace, Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile legends, etc, this tool enhanced the device capabilities and unlocks you the perfect game set according to your device specs!

What are the best Free GFX Tools for BGMI in 2021?

  • Game Booster VIP – GFX- Lag Fix
  • PGT +🔧: Pro GFX & Optimizer(with advance setting)
  • FlashDog – GFX Tool
  • GFX Tool – Game Launcher & Optimizer
  • Panda Game Booster & GFX Tool for Battleground.

Thanks for reading the entire article, Where we proved you the top 5 best free GFX Tool for bgmi and subscribe to sports zebra for more exclusive BGMI and pubg Mobile content, The upcoming blogs will be more interesting and fun to read which we will make sure that it adds value to your life too.

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